Great Podcast

If you have a little bit of time over the weekend, check out, which features a weekly podcast. I think it’s fair to say it’s less than serious, which immediately elevates it in my view (it perhaps also helps that the show mentions this site in episode #10…but I really did enjoy it). At any rate, it is a great show that lasts about an hour.

Here is a short blurb about this weeks episode:

On this week’s podcast, Dino and Benglish break down the biggest games from Week 8, including the Cowboys win over Carolina. If you’re a Cowboy hater, you may get physically ill while listening to Dino basking in the post-victory glow. Benglish will give you the full story behind the Giants’ new “Ballin’” celebration. And in an AQB exclusive, you’ll also hear a sample of what Coach Denny Green could be doing with his time after he gets canned by the Cards.