Hot ‘N Saucey

Amazing what you can find when you browse the images in Google…

Dallas Cowboysimages2.jpg

Courtesy of, it’s the Dallas Cowboys Tailgate Party Kit, featuring Dallas Cowboys Picante Sauce, Dallas Cowboys Barbecue Sauce, Dallas Cowboys Hot Sauce!

What you provide: Dallas Cowboys Budweiser, Dallas Cowboys napkins, Dallas Cowboys paper towels, generally good looking women wearing skimpy Dallas Cowboys swimwear of some sort….

Dallas Cowboys

I assume those of you who read this can handle this picture. It’s available on the official team pro shop’s site, so it’s really no different than browsing around there.

That’s what I’m going to tell my wife, at any rate. I thought “generally good looking” was a nice touch.

Back to the tailgate kit, I won’t get into the Dallas Cowboys Tylenol or Dallas Cowboys Rolaids. But I think those would be best sellers. Hmmm… another affiliate opportunity?

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