More Redundant Questions Waiting for Answers

Tony RomoIt’s still all about Tony Romo this week, as you probably know. I learned today that the domain name is on sale for $25,000. Say, can I sell $25? $2.50? $.25? Early Christmas present from me?

So here is my daily Romo blurb from Nick Eatman:

He can’t explain it very well to anyone else. He just recognizes it when he sees it.

And last Sunday night, head coach Bill Parcells saw “it” in quarterback Tony Romo, who took full advantage of his first NFL start in directing a second-half comeback against the Panthers.

Now, as he said earlier this week, Parcells doesn’t think Romo is ready to “move to Ohio,” in reference to the Pro Football Hall of Fame after a successful first start. In fact, Parcells is just hoping his new starting quarterback can put together solid performances in consecutive weeks.

But while the topics of discussion haven’t drifted too far from Romo this week as he leads the Cowboys into Sunday’s game against the Redskins at FedEx Field (noon, CDT), Parcells made a few things clear on Thursday, including that he’s not wavering on this decision one bit.

“The time to worry is when you place the bet,” Parcells said about his move last week to replace veteran Drew Bledsoe with Romo. “But the bet is down now. The wheel is spinning. You can’t say ‘I wish I didn’t bet that.’ You have to play the game. The game is going. That’s just the way it is.”

Trying to avoid the problem of having my questions become repetitive. They have, however, become repetitive. Kind of like the NFL Network commercials. I’ll get to that later.

1. Does Gregg Williams’ defense confuse Romo and cause him to make mistakes? I thought that Carolina would be able to do that, but Romo made all of the right decisions. The guy just has great poise– at least for now.

2. Weekly question: what can we expect from Julius Jones and Marion Barber? Their combined 141 yards, along with short passes, were crucial in last week’s win. Jones had 94 yards in the week 2 win over Washington, and Barber added another 39.

3. Can the Cowboys shut down the Redskins receivers yet again? They did it in week 2. They shut down Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson last week. And Santana Moss has not practiced this week. I’m betting they can do it.

4. Will Jason Witten stay involved in the offense this week? Mickey Spagnola had this to say:

You know, so much has been made of Romo making a conscious effort Sunday night to get the ball to Terrell Owens and Jason Witten, as if Drew Bledsoe hated doing so. But if you aren’t married to such cheeky perception nor scared of the truth, then check this out: Witten said of his involvement, catching a season-high six passes for 80 yards and a touchdown, “I was in the game plan more than I had been all year. They had some injuries at linebacker and we wanted to take advantage of that.” Well, how ‘bout those bananas? And know that once Carolina’s injured starting corner Ken Lucas was replaced by rookie Richard Marshall, Romo was the first to notice the Panthers began giving Owens like a good 5-to-7-yard cushion at the line of scrimmage. So while Owens did catch nine passes for 107 yards, do the math, that averages out to what, 12 yards a catch. And according to my notes, five of those nine catches were of the quick out variety, Romo basically, saying, hey, I’ll take that, if you guys are going to play that far off Owens, heck, he might break a tackle – as he did that one time, busting past Chris Gamble for 25 yards after catching like a three-yard pass. And those bananas, too?

Um, I’m starting to see why people jump all over Mick. Is there anything wrong with apples?

Joe Gibbs5. Should we worry that the Redskins had two weeks to prepare for this game? I think there are enough problems there, but I still fear a Joe Gibbs team. The Redskins are in a position worse than the Cowboys last week, but it can turn around pretty quickly.

6. Prediction: Dallas 28, Washington 14. The Cowboys should have confidence for this game, given that the Cowboys already beat Washington. Though there may be some cause for concern that Washington routed Dallas at Washington last year, I don’t think that the Redskins are the same team this year. If Dallas avoids mistakes, I think they will win this running away.