New Orleans 42, Dallas 17: Anyone Care for a Game Summary?

UglyI try my best not to use profanity here, but there are plenty of words that apply very nicely. Use your imagination.

Dallas was outcoached. The Cowboys’ defense has apparently been exposed. Tony Romo’s stats have fallen back to earth. Atlanta is going to win next Saturday night unless this team gets its head screwed on straight. Let’s see how this Cowboys team stacked up vs. New Orleans:


Drew Brees looked heads and shoulders better than Tony Romo. Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush made Julius Jones and Marion Barber look pathetic, save one long run at the beginning of the game. Terrell Owens was outplayed by Devery Henderson, Marcus Colston, …. and Mike Karney? More dropped passes, more pressure on Romo, and Romo looks pretty human. In his past two games, Romo is 36 of 67 for 506 yards, 1 TD, and 4 Int. That’s a 58.4 passer rating.


The only thing that stopped the Saints was their decision to kneel down with more than two minutes left in the game after the Cowboys had laid down and let McAllister walk down into the red zone.

Let me say this: Mike Zimmer is not an elite defensive coordinator. I have no confidence that Dallas will– on a week-to-week basis– put together a game plan that will stifle an opponent. It’s either that, or this team does not have the talent that many thought. What the Giants were able to do on their last drive last week– you know, the one where the Cowboys’ defense could have ended it– New Orleans did all game. 536 total yards for the Saints.

  • luis

    are you seriously a cowboys fan??? one bad game and youre talking about a loss next week?? drew brees is seriously a mvp candidate, have faith, 11-5 is still very much possible.

  • If I have to be satisfied with this team getting beat every way imaginable and then quitting in the fourth quarter to be a real Cowboys fan, then no, I guess I’m not. Having read six other blogs and message boards since the game ended, I think I can say with confidence that I’m being pretty mild.

    My specific statement, by the way, was, “Atlanta is going to win next Saturday night unless this team gets its head screwed on straight.” I thought we’d go 12-4, to be honest, but this game provides plenty of reasons to doubt that we’ll win out in the final three games.

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