Collapse, and Season Over: Seattle 21, Dallas 20

cp-fbprokickthumbnail.gifHow is it that I use the name kickholder on here even though I haven’t actually been a kick holder since high school (er… I guess I did hold some kicks on the practice squad in college, but that is beside the point)? And how does the Cowboys season end? On a dropped snap by Tony Romo when he served as a kick holder.


I personally didn’t think that Romo should have started until after Thanksgiving Day. I was wrong then. I then refused to put too much blame on him, given that he was putting the team in position to win. Well, Tony: you, along with Terry Glenn, blew it. No defense.

Anyway, I well beyond sick right now and hope that the shock keeps me numb for a couple of days. Nothing good can possibly come from this loss or this season as a whole, unless you want to prove the Dallas Cowboy franchise is one that has no clue how to win in this league on a consistent basis. Enjoy the off-season, boys.

  • Redmustang03

    I feel sick about this. I wanted to run and hide from what happened tonight after that botched kick. You know what, Romo got us to the playoffs. The only good thing I saw in this loss was that Romo owned up and said that he screwed up. He’s our quarterback and he’s going to be our future. Once this defense gets tuned up by getting a defensive end and a free safety that can cover and putting Roy Williams as a linebacker we’ll be back into the playoffs, I promise you that.

  • Thanks for your comments, Redmustang03. Your keys to the game– especially focusing on Jeremy Stevens– were spot on.

    I don’t know how the Cowoboys bounce back from this, and I realize I am still in shock. Time to go back to focusing on history and trivia for a little while until I can think about the Cowboys clearly.

  • bernie

    Can anyone tell me why? Romo drops the snap runs for his life, tackled ground causes fumble at the one, what no replay review or can’t you advance the ball on 4th down when a field goal is tried? it looked to me could have been a first down.

  • Bernie: It looked like it was not a fumble, and that could have been reviewed by the booth because it occurred with less than two minutes remaining. However, from what I saw, I don’t think he passed the two-yard-line, and he had to get it inside of the one for a first down.

    Can’t really blame it on him, but if Gramatica could have blocked Babineaux for a half-second longer, Romo may have scored on that play. Babineaux is also the player that intercepted Bledsoe last season to set up Josh Brown’s field goal for the win.

  • kickholder, calm down man. There’s plenty good that came from this season.

    The best thing being that a QB for the future emerged. Despite his bad December and the fumble tonight, he has the tools and we all know he can win. I’m excited about him.

    And another thing — a young team got some playoff experience and a bad taste in their mouth (that’s a powerful motivator).

    This sums up my feelings about tonights game and the future.


  • Thanks, Poke. I should know better than to write anything down in the first 24 hours after a loss, but I haven’t learned.

    Thanks for the link, by the way. I added your site to my link page:

  • bernie

    About the replay, look at where the ball is placed for seahawks fist snap it looked to be inside the one. I know give it up. I like Romo.
    Lots of things changed the game, I counted 3 dropped Int.

  • Thanks kickholder…I returned the favor.


  • Thanks, Poke. I appreciate it.

    Bernie: I watched the replay again, and it still looks to me that he was down on the 2. However, you are right that it looks like the ball was placed on the 1 on the next drive. Very strange indeed.

    Good point on the ints.: Newman dropped one in the end zone. Carpenter (who had a great game) let one go right through his hands. And Aaron Glenn should have had a pick when he jumped on that slant pattern. We also missed several sacks.

    Argh! This is going to be one long off-season.

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