The Last of the Painful Highlights for This Season

My wife informed me that she couldn’t believe I was watching the replay of this game on NFL Network. Well, on top of that, I am subjecting my visitors to the same stuff!

And here is as much of the story as I can handle:

All Tony Romo had to do was put the ball down and let Martin Gramatica make an easy kick — only 19 yards, even closer than an extra point.

That’s where it all slipped away from the Dallas Cowboys. The Pro Bowl quarterback who saved their season ended it, too.

Romo’s bobble on the field-goal try with 1:19 left led to a scramble that ended 2 yards shy of the end zone and a yard short of a first down, preserving a 21-20 victory for the Seattle Seahawks in the wildest of wild-card games.

“You coach long enough, you end up seeing just about everything,” Seattle’s Mike Holmgren said. “One more thing for the journal.”

And one moment Dallas coach Bill Parcells would rather forget after coming oh-so-close to his first playoff victory since 1998 and the Cowboys’ first postseason victory since 1996.

“It was just one of those things,” Parcells said. “It looked like a good snap. I can’t tell you what happened after that. We’re an extra point from being down to the eight teams left. That’s what’s the hardest thing.”

  • Redmustang03

    Man it always gets painful every time to watch this. I don’t even think I could watch ESPN, the NFL Network, or even the news for sports for the next couple of days. There’s a lot of should of and could of’s at that last snap. Should had Bill gone for it on fourth down and inches even though earlier in third quarter we had a 3 and 1 from the 9 and Barber got stopped. It looked like the ball was either wet or new because it was sparkling in the TV camera. In my opinon, I would of gone for it one fourth down and inches becuase you play to win and not lose. I wouldn’t have trusted my defense to stop the Seahawks and for that fourth down and inches I would have snuck it by either diving or burying my head down for that first down. If they would have gotten that first down, they would at least had a couple of chances to run the ball into the endzone and if the Cowboys didn’t get in, then kick a field goal at the last second. Its another season where we had a lot of potential just go down the drain when the time had to come.

    One thing I noticed during the season, I have never seen the defense tank so badly after Greg Ellis got injured. I know it was a couple of weeks before the cracks showed in the Saints game, but one role player going down and the defense played horribly. Last year, when Flozell Adams went down for the season the offense tanked by not protecting Bledsoe. I know this is a young team, but I hope this experience shows that you have to play 16 weeks not 12 weeks to be a good football team. Then you can’t turn it on during the playoffs. Players must realize that every game counts and that every game must be considered an important game. I know that we have the talent offensively to go back to the playoffs and the quarterback, the kicker, and the special teams to do it. All we need fixed is our defense. Like I said before we need a free agent defensive end that can rush the QB and a true nose tackle in the college draft to back up jason Ferguson. Then we need to get a veteran free safety and switch Roy Williams to linebacker because he can’t cover a reciever one on one. The only good thing in coverage he can do is get the tip passes. Well, I ranted on too long, but this is how I vent my frustration out instead of breaking something and looking like an ass. So in the upcoming months it is uncertain what will happen. Will Bill stay? Will TO go? Who is going to get cut to make room for the salary cap? Only time will tell.

  • Thanks for these comments. Incidentally, I don’t know if you saw it, but I used some of your points from last week on this week’s 10 Minutes… show. Good stuff.

    I’m starting to settle down, but I don’t have a clue what is going to get this team to the next level. I have to think that it is more than a talent issue, for other teams with lesser talent have greater luck. Wish I could say it will be interesting to me, but it is going to be a LONG off-season.