MOP Award for 1968: Craig Baynham

This ends the longest post drought since I opened the blog. And what do I have for you? Yes, filler…er… a MOP Award! This comes after spending 27 hours at work in two days–most of which was spent grading– so pardon the punch-drunk nature of this.

Craig BaynhamAnyway, the MOP Award winner for 1968 was ready-made for two reasons: he has an obscure nickname, and he has one of those funky looking football cards from the 1960s. You can see the picture, now here’s the blurb on his the nickname for running back Craig Baynham, courtesy of Tim’s Cowboy’s History Page:

Baynham’s biggest moment came in the 1967 conference playoff game against the Browns when he filled in for the injured Walt Garrison. He scored 3 touchdowns in the 52-14 win. In 1968 he subbed for Garrison gaining 438 yards on the ground and grabbed 29 passes for 380 yards. He led the team in kickoff returns in 68 with 590 yards. He didn’t get much playing time behind a healthy Hill and Garrison in 69 and was traded to Chicago in 1970 and finished his career with St. Louis the next year. Nicknamed “John One Dozen” because he always signed footballs “Craig Baynham – John 1:12”, he became a pastor in later years.

mop.bmpBaynham caught a touchdown pass in the last Playoff Bowl game ever played between the Cowboys and Vikings. In the three seasons following his performance in 1968, though, Baynham amassed a grand total of 109 yards, including a loss of two yards on three carries in 1969.

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  • Tim Truemper

    A factual error on this regarding Craig Bahynam. He actually subbed for DAN REEVES, not Walt Garrison. Walt was a bakc up FB for Don Perkins at the time while Bahynam was a back up for Reeves along with Les Shy (now there’s some obscurity). Anyway, he was very fast and could catch well. Did not fare well when he left Dallas for Chicago in terms of playing time.

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  • Debbie Arevalo

    I recently found an autographed picture of you. You had signed it for my brother when he was in a St Louis hospital. Unfortunately my brother died in a motorcycle accident 6 months after he had returned from the hospital in July 1973. His name was Greg Sanders and I know that it meant a lot to him for someone to take time out of their busy day to brighten up someone else s day. THANK YOU! We also have an autograph book from his stay in Shriner’s Hospital for crippled children.
    Sincerely, Debbie Arevalo.

  • Jmrivard

    Craig subbed in 1968 for the injured Dan Reeves…..Don Perkins was the fullback not Garrison…

  • Jmrivard

    I did not look far enough down to see you very accurate comments. Dan Reeves was hurt vs. St. Louis ….and never was a full time player again. Les Shy had a few nice plays…remember his brother Don?