An Epilogue to the Insanity Piece

Yesterday, we discussed my lack of enthusiam with the Cowboys’ string of outside linebackers and defensive ends. I am also going to withhold judgment about all of the dealing until I see what type of pick we get from the trade with Cleveland.

Well, a person named Andrew Perloff from posted a 2008 Mock Draft that would end all drafts… [meaning that I would no longer pay attention to NFL drafts]

The best part of a future mock draft is determining the order of teams. If you care to argue about that or the players I selected, bring it on:

. . .

9. Cowboys (via Browns): Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU – Strong D-lineman for Wade Phillips’ defense.

Thank goodness we would finally have that missing defensive end!

I have to add that Perloff had the Cowboys taking a receiver with the 25th pick. So at least I’d be a little bit less sick. And I mean a little bit.

  • melonball

    I’m not sure I understand your beef, Kickholder. If you don’t like the players the Cowboys have drafted lately at DE and LB, what makes you think they would do any better drafting players at other positions? And if you think the DE/LBs they have drafted are good players, then who cares what position they play?
    To me, it’s not about positions, it’s about the quality of players selected. Good players will help your team no matter what position they play. And if a team is consistently selecting mediocre players, then, again no matter what position he plays, the team will most probably pick a mediocre player. To me the issue isn’t with the players/positions selected, but with the organization officials who make the drafting decisions. If you think they are doing a poor job, then to think they would do any better by employing a different stategy or going in a different direction would be, well, to think that would just be insantiy.

  • I do think that the issue comes down to draft strategy, which means we are talking about the officials who are making these decisions. I get the impression (and I know I’m most likely off on this one) that Dallas goes out of its way to take the pick that nobody expects. When that pick turns out to be a bust, it is somewhere between frustrating and maddening.