Trivia: Winning and Losing

Don Meredith Dallas CowboysHere are a few trivia questions focusing on win-loss records of the Cowboys, along with a few other topics. The focus is still mostly on the 1960s.

(1) True or False: The Cowboys have not had a tie in a regular season game since the decade of the 1960s.

(2) How many ties (regular season) did the Cowboys have during the decade of the 1960s?

(3) Since the NFL went to a 16-game format for the 1978 season, which Cowboys team had the highest winning percentage in a single season?

(4) What is highest winning percentage of any team in franchise history?

(5) During which season did Dallas have its highest winning percentage in a year where the Cowboys did not make the playoffs?

(6) When did Dallas set the team record for most consecutive division titles in a row?

(7) Name the divisions in which the Cowboys were members during the decade of the 1960s.

(8) The Cowboys won how many consecutive games to open both the 1968 and the 1969 seasons?

(9) Against which team did Dallas score the most points during the decade of the 1960s, and how many points did the Cowboys score?

(10) True or False: The Cowboys have never scored 60 or more points in a single game.

  • melonball

    1. T
    2. 6
    3. 1992
    4. .857
    5. 1974
    6. 1966-1971
    7. NFL West, NFL East, Capital
    8. 6
    9. Washington Redskins for 522 points
    10. T

  • Melonball got them all. Here is a little bit more:

    (1) The second question may have given this one away. The last time that Dallas finished a regular season game with a tie was a 24-24 game against San Francisco in 1969.

    (2) Ties occurred in 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1966, and 1969.

    (3) The 1992 team went 13-3.

    (4) The Cowboys went 12-2 (.857) in both 1968 and in 1977.

    (5) Dallas went 8-6 in 1974 but did not make the playoffs. Other years during which Dallas had a winning season but did not make the playoffs were 1984 (9-7) and 2005 (9-7).

    (6)The Cowboys won the NFL East in 1966, the NFL Capitol from 1967 to 1969, and the NFC East in 1970 and 1971. The Redskins won the NFC East in 1972, ending the streak.

    (7) NFL West (1960), NFL East (1961-1966), NFL Capitol (1967-1969).

    (8) Dallas started 6-0 in both seasons, only lost two games in both seasons (12-2 in 1968 and 11-2-1 in 1969), and lost to Cleveland in the playoffs in both seasons.

    (9) That was a bad question, and Melonball gave a more difficult answer. I was looking for the single-game mark, which was 59 in a 59-13 win over Detroit in the opening game of the 1968 season.

    (10) That is true. Dallas scored 59 against Detroit in 1968 and again vs. San Francisco in 1980.

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  • Ever the nit-picker, let me take issue with #7 (five years after the fact).  The pre-merger NFL comprised Eastern and Western *Conferences* from 1960-1969 (the Eastern & Western Conference structure debuted in 1933 but the conferences went by various names after the AAFC merger so I’ll concentrate on the period since 1960 because that is the time period relevant to Cowboy fans).

    In 1960, the expansion Cowboys were the NFL’s 13th team; they were placed in the NFL’s Western Conference, but they played a “swing” schedule against the remaining 12 teams in the NFL.

    In 1961, the NFL added its 14th team (Minnesota Vikings), placed them in the Western Conference and moved the Cowboys into the Eastern Conference where they remained through 1969.

    In 1966, the NFL added its 15th team, the Atlanta Falcons and placed them in the Eastern Conference.

    In 1967, with the addition if its 16th franchise (the New Orleans Saints), the NFL further divided the two conferences into four divisions.  The Eastern Conference comprised the Capitol and Century Divisions; the Western Conference comprised the Central and Coastal Divisions.

    I’ts true the Cowboys remained in the Capitol Division of the Eastern Conference for the period from 1967-1969.  But the conference structure remained for the last four years before the merger; the champions of the four divisions played each other for the conference championships, and then the conference champions met for the NFL Championship.

    So technically, the Eastern *Division* wasn’t created until the AFL merger was completed in 1970; prior to that time, it was still the Eastern *Conference*, and the Cowboys were in the Capitol Division of the Eastern Conference from 1967-69.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming . . .