Career Passing Records

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Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman holds virtually every career passing record in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. It helps, of course, that he played not only during a pass-friendly era, but he also played in a system that took advantage of his amazing accuracy.

As you might expect, Roger Staubach takes second in several of these catagories, although some may be surprised how high Danny White appears on these lists.

These lists are limited to the top five in each category, with the exception of passer rating.

Career Passing Attempts

1. Troy Aikman, 4715
2. Roger Staubach, 2958
3. Danny White, 2950
4. Don Meredith, 2308
5. Craig Morton, 1306

Career Passing Completions

1. Troy Aikman, 2898
2. Danny White, 1761
3. Roger Staubach, 1685
4. Don Meredith, 1170
5. Craig Morton, 683

Career Completion Percentage (min. 500 career attempts)

1. Troy Aikman, 61.46%
2. Danny White, 59.69%
3. Drew Bledsoe, 58.38%
4. Roger Staubach, 56.96%
5. Steve Pelleur, 56.40%

Career Passing Yards

1. Troy Aikman, 32942
2. Roger Staubach, 22700
3. Danny White, 21959
4. Don Meredith, 17199
5. Craig Morton, 10267

Career Yards/Att. (min. 500 career attempts)

1. Craig Morton, 7.86
2. Eddie LeBaron, 7.70
3. Roger Staubach, 7.67
4. Don Meredith, 7.45
5. Danny White, 7.44

Career Touchdown Passes

1. Troy Aikman, 165
2. Danny White, 155
3. Roger Staubach, 153
4. Don Meredith, 135
5. Craig Morton, 80

Career TD% (min. 500 career attempts)

1. Eddie LeBaron, 6.50%
2. Craig Morton, 6.13%
3. Don Meredith, 5.85%
4. Danny White, 5.25%
5. Roger Staubach, 5.17%

Most Interceptions in a Career

1. Troy Aikman, 141
2. Danny White, 132
3. Don Meredith, 111
4. Roger Staubach, 109
5. Craig Morton, 73

Lowest Int. % in a Career (min. 500 career attempts)

1. Troy Aikman, 2.99%
2. Roger Staubach, 3.68%
3. Drew Bledsoe, 3.75%
4. Quincy Carter, 3.99%
5. Steve Pelleur, 4.12%

Career Passer Rating (min. 500 career attempts)

1. Roger Staubach, 83.4
2. Danny White, 81.7
3. Troy Aikman, 81.6
4. Drew Bledsoe, 80.1
5. Craig Morton, 75.5
6. Don Meredith, 74.8
7. Steve Pelleur, 71.7
8. Quincy Carter, 70.0
9. Eddie LeBaron, 67.2
10. Gary Hogeboom, 65.4

  • Dan

    It’s crazy to see how high Danny White is in some cats. I grew up watching him, and it was during some very disappointing times. It makes ya wonder if he should be in the Hall of Fame.

  • melonball

    It doesn’t surprise me at all to see White’s name up there. He is so incredibly underrated and underappreciated by Cowboys fans. He didn’t measure up to Staubach or Aikman, no, but to say he sucked because of that? Come on. And Danny White was not the only reason the Cowboys could not get over the hump in the early 80s. They had other problems. The guy was a pretty good QB, and he certainly accomplished more than Tony Romo has so far, including going to the Pro Bowl. He lead the Cowboys to 3 straight NFC championships. Donovan McNabb was considered one of the league’s elite for that accomplishment, even before he finally got into the Super Bowl (and lost). If Romo led us to just one NFC championship, everybody would be heaping even more praise and hope on him. White just had the misfortune of following Staubach, and having to deal with fans who don’t know how to think rationally, rather epidemic among us Cowboys fans, unfortunately.

    But having defended him, no, he should not be in the Hall of Fame. White was a very good QB who never got his due, and still doesn’t, but he wasn’t consistenly great or special. I don’t even think he belongs in the Ring of Honor. But he certainly doesn’t deserve the bum rap he gets.

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  • RichH

    While the 80s were a dissappointing time for the Cowboys, they won consistently under White’s direction. He was a quite simply a winner.

    I think their defense was largely the reason they didn’t make it to the Superbowl with him at helm. As I remember it, the offense was among the league leaders year in and year out.

    I think he probably deserves to be in Ring of Honor, but doesn’t deserve the Hall of Fame.

  • Dutch Robbins

    Dallas Cowboys all time quarterbacks winning percentage category.
    1. Staubach 746.
    2. Morton 691.
    3. White 674.
    4. Romo 610.
    5. Meredith 588.
    6. Aikman 570.
    Dallas Cowboys franchise begin 1960-present 2015 thats 55 yrs of success for these six quarterbacks mention.
    Besides Staubach and Aikman had a far more success to a much higher level.
    But in due time Danny White, Craig Morton, and Tony Romo should be reconsider of the future Ring of honor!