How Many Dallas Cowboys Blogs Are There?

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If you notice the links in my sidebar, I have made a pretty good effort to include every Dallas Cowboys blog that I have come across (whether said owner has asked or not). After eleven months of blogging, this list has become pretty substantial, though some the blogs have since ceased operation. I thought, however, that it may be worthwhile to provide a list of the active blogs for which I am aware. If anyone has a blog that I have missed, please comment here, and I will gladly add it.

Private Blogs: Top of the Heap

Without question, the top two private blogs are Blogging the Boys and The Boys Blog. The owners of both sites provide posts at least daily (usually more frequent) and are currently providing reports from training camp. Below are some recent headlines from those sites.

Blogging the Boys

The Boys Blog

Professional Blogs: Best of the Best

There are several blogs run by professional journalists, and I don’t think it is quite fair to try to compare these with private blogs being operated largely via labors of love. There are a few of these professional blogs, however, that are worth mentioning in this context:

Dallas Morning News Blog

The Cowboys blog from the Dallas Morning News is being updated numerous times per day with insight from writers on the scene.

Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone Blogs

The official site of the Dallas Cowboys has several blogs that are updated regularly. The comments sections of these blogs take on lives of their own.

Private Blogs: Those Returning

There are several private blogs that have been around since at least last season and that are still being updated. A few of these bloggers apparently took time off during the off-season, but I will include them here in case they return once the season begins.

These are listed in alphabetical order.

AOL Fanhouse – Dallas Cowboys: The AOL blogs cover every NFL team with multiple authors.

Cowboy Blog: Mostly news and commentary.

Cowboys Fan: This is an interesting blog/fan site. It has multiple authors, and most of the articles appear to be original to the site.

Cowboys Locker: Part of a network of NFL blogs; provides news and commentary. The blog is associated with The Dallas

The Cowboys Roundup: Part of the Most Valuable Network, which is a collection of sports blogs.

Dallas Cowboys Blogger: Provides news and commentary.

Dallas Cowboys–America’s Team: Provides news and commentary.

Gryphon on the Dallas Cowboys: Provides news and commentary.

Yakuza Rich Dallas Cowboys Blog: Provides news and commentary.

New Blogs for 2007

Several blogs have popped up during the past several months, mostly around draft time. Several of these are off to very good starts.

Cowboys Blitz: This has not been updated since May, but it had some very good posts a few months ago.

Cowboys Gab: Provides news and commentary.

Cowboys Hub: Provides news and commentary.

Dallas Cowboys 24/7: Focuses mostly on commentary, with some news posts.

Hail to the Deadskins: Best name of any of the new Cowboys sites.

Lone Star Struck: In addition to news and commentary, this site is a great source for graphics that can be used on MySpace, etc.

In addition to the blogs, there are at least 18 different private Cowboys forums. I’ll save those for a later post…

  • Nice job.

    Thanks for including our site!

  • dan

    I am not sure a blog that hasn’t been updated since May is still alive.

    Is it?

  • Probably not, Dan. However, there have been a few blogs that have gone without posts for several months, only to see the author return. I didn’t want to assume just yet that this one was completely dead.

    You are doing a great job with your’s, by the way. I have your feed on my Pageflakes page and read it frequently.

  • TeamStrike

    It said alot about a blogger who list all the other bloggers on his site. I am impressed. I have on occasion surf most of the other blogs and often what I find is that it is just a bunch of negative blah, blah. Keep up the awesome work.

  • Thank you for the comment, TeamStrike, and I am glad you are enjoying the site. Given that most of us are writing these blogs for the fun of it, I would think there is room for everyone plus more. Perhaps that is a bit naive, but I have never had any interest in trying to compete with these other blogs.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for including my site on your list. I greatly appreciate it. It’s still just really getting off the ground, so it’s nice to know that a fellow blogger is helping to get the word out.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

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  • dan

    Yes, a fresh blog roll from time to time is a good thing. Some blogs have just all the viewers. This blog is one of my favorites.

  • dan

    I had an idea. You know your feed for your blog on my front page? What if we created one, called the Dallas Cowboy Blog Network, that contains all of the bloggers willing to join. It would show each time one of us updates, listing each new entry.

    Could create some regular visitors. Let me know. Not sure how to start one, but I’d like to do it.

  • I really like that idea. A simple plan would be to create an aggregate RSS feed from all of the sites (similar to Sports Spyder). I’m thinking, though, that we could do more to leverage off of each other. I’ll look around at some of the other networks to see what options we have.

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