Dallas Cowboys News in Video and Otherwise in Brief

I have not hidden the fact that I am not a big fan of Terrell Owens, but his catch and run against Houston on Saturday was enough to make anyone to jump out of their seat. Even the post-touchdown celebration was subdued (notwithstanding Mickey Spagnola’s on-air comment that Owens should get further into the end zone before putting the ball on the ground). Here is an animated version of the play:

Tony Romo Terrell Owens

NFL.com has more Romo highlights. Just follow the link below:

Tony Romo Highlights


*Terence Newman’s injury continues to be a concern. Both the Fort Worth Star-Telgram and the San Antonio Express News have had pieces on it.
*The Fort Worth Star-Telgram item also noted that kicker Martin Gramatica pulled his hamstring on a kickoff. His missed extra point may (and should) mark the beginning of the end for him in Dallas.
*Greg Ellis reportedly could miss the first half of the season. This is not much of a surprise, and Dallas has been using Bobby Carpenter more on the outside lately. Anthony Spencer was able to get some pressure on the quarterback in the Houston game, and I have a feeling he may be more effective than Ellis would be, given the injury that Ellis suffered.

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