Way Too Much Information Wednesday: Week 2

For lack of a better description, each Wednesday I will feature something known as Way Too Much Information Wednesday. If you are bit odd and like stats like I do, you’ll probably like this. Otherwise, I hope you like the reincarnation of Gnome:


Witten’s 100-Yard Performance

Five tight ends in team history have had more than 100 yards receiving in a single game. For the first time since 2004, Jason Witten surpassed this mark in the Cowboys’ win over the Giants. Here is a complete list of those tight ends.

Date Player Yards Team Result Score
10/21/1962 Folkins, Lee 123 Pittsburgh Steelers W 42-27
11/10/1963 Folkins, Lee 112 San Francisco 49ers L 24-31
9/28/1975 Dupree, Billy Joe 100 St. Louis Cardinals W 37-31
9/19/1976 Dupree, Billy Joe 108 New Orleans Saints W 24-6
9/13/1982 Cosbie, Doug 102 Pittsburgh Steelers L 28-36
9/23/1984 Cosbie, Doug 103 Green Bay Packers W 20-6
9/15/1985 Cosbie, Doug 159 Detroit Lions L 21-26
11/28/1985 Cosbie, Doug 111 St. Louis Cardinals W 35-17
10/28/1990 Novacek, Jay 105 Philadelphia Eagles L 20-21
10/6/1991 Novacek, Jay 121 Green Bay Packers W 20-17
10/27/1991 Novacek, Jay 131 Detroit Lions L 10-34
9/12/1993 Novacek, Jay 106 Buffalo Bills L 10-13
10/24/2004 Witten, Jason 112 Green Bay Packers L 20-41
11/15/2004 Witten, Jason 133 Philadelphia Eagles L 21-49
9/9/2007 Witten, Jason 116 New York Giants W 45-35

Tony Romo’s 300-Yard Passing Performance

With his 345-yard performance against the Giants, Tony Romo now has four 300-yard games in less than 12 games. Here is an updated list of the total number of 300-yard games by Cowboys quarterbacks in history.

Aikman, Troy 13
White, Danny 10
Meredith, Don 7
Staubach, Roger 6
Pelleur, Steve 4
Romo, Tony 4
Bledsoe, Drew 3
Hogeboom, Gary 3
Testaverde, Vinny 3
Carter, Quincy 1
Garrett, Jason 1
Hutchinson, Chad 1
LeBaron, Eddie 1
Morton, Craig 1

Pigskin Pick’em: 7/16

I have played Pigskin Pick’em for about five years, and once again, I am not off to a great start. I play against the spread, which is more challenging. The Colts’ win in the opener

helped me out, but I gave too much credit to Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, and Baltimore.

Here’s a breakdown, with my picks in bold.

My Correct Picks (7)

Indianapolis (-6 1/2) 41, New Orleans 10
Pittsburgh (-3 1/2) 34, Cleveland 7
New England (-5 1/2) 38, N.Y. Jets 14
Miami (+3 1/2) 13, Washington 16
Detroit (+2 1/2) 36, Oakland 21
Seattle (-6 1/2) 20, Tampa Bay 6
Dallas (-3 1/2) 45, N.Y. Giants 35

Note: I noted last week that three of the last four wins by the Cowboys over the Giants were by three points. If not for Sam Hurd’s touchdown, Dallas could very well have won 38-35. Fortunately it wasn’t the case.

Killed by the Spread (2)

In two games, the team that a picked to win actually won but did not cover the spread.

Denver (-3 1/2) 15, Buffalo 14
San Francisco (-3 1/2) 20, Arizona 17

Just Blew It Altogether (7)

I would have missed most of the picks below even if I played non-spread.

Philadelphia (-2 1/2) 13, Green Bay 16
Houston (-1 1/2) 20, Kansas City 3
Jacksonville (-5 1/2) 10, Tennesee 13
Minnesota (-2 1/2) 24, Atlanta 3
St. Louis (-1 1/2) 13, Carolina 27
San Diego (-5 1/2) 14, Chicago 3
Cincinnati (-3 1/2) 27, Baltimore 20

Fantasy Football: Thurman’s Thieves (1-0)

I can honestly say that I have never been nervous about fantasy football, until last week. Despite the fact that Drew Brees’ only gave me 1.6 points with his dismal performance against Indianapolis, Thurman’s Thieves jumped out to a pretty significant lead.

Then came Monday. I have RB Rudi Johnson and CB Leon Hall for Cincinnati, while my opponent has WR Chad Johnson. My lead started to slip away, as neither Rudi nor Hall could give me the type of points that Chad Johnson put up that game (15.7 for Chad, a combined 12.6 for Rudi and Hall).

I had no players for the Arizona/San Francisco game, while my opponent has 49er CB Walt Harris. What should happen in the first quarter? Harris had a pick, and the lead dwindled quickly. I finished with 82.6 points, and with Harris’ eight points, my lead was suddently down to less than a point. By some miracle, though, I was able to hold on to an 82.6 to 82.4 win.

In keeping with the “Way Too Much Information” theme, here is my starting lineup:

QB Drew Brees (1.6 points)
RB Rudi Johnson (7.6 points)
WR Marty Booker (3.2 points)
WR Marques Colston (4.7 points)
WR Randy Moss (26.3 points)
TE Daniel Graham (2.4 points)
LB Jonathan Vilma (4.3 points)
LB Shaun Phillips (4 points)
LB/DE DeMarcus Ware (2 points)
DL Mark Anderson (7 points)
CB Leon Hall (5 points)
DB Sean Taylor (3.5 points)
K Adam Vinatieri (11 points).

  • the Commissioner

    Exciting week 1 fantasy match-up. I was following it closely. Congrats!

  • I kinda think both of you deserve an L for the week (course I didn’t do much better). 🙂

  • There will be plenty of Ls for me this season. Just not this time.

  • melonball

    Just think if Walt Harris had managed to pick up that fumble! Your heart must have stopped lol.