Instant Trivia: Cowboys vs. Dolphins

Here are ten questions about the Cowboys’ 37-20 win over Miami on Sunday:

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And a few news items in brief:

* According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Julius Jones is trying to stay patient.
* Expectations for the Bears game are growing, according to
* I’m not the only stubborn S.O.B. who is starting to like what Terrell Owens has to offer this season. So does Frank Luska.
* Mickey Spagnola also made a great point about Romo on third down:

And here is Tony Romo’s line on third-down plays: 12 of 18 (66.7 percent) for 203 yards, 11.28 an attempt, two TD’s, no INT’s and a QB rating of 141.7. Get out of here.

Four of those 12 passes went to Owens, and each of those were for first downs. Hence, my third comment above.