We’ve Got Answers: Dallas 37, Miami 20

Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins

The Cowboys enter week 3 with their best early start since 1999. Although there are still concerns, this is a great week to answer last week’s questions:

1. Will the Cowboys be able to use the running game effectively?

The Washington Redskins ran for 191 yards against Miami last week, averaging 4.7 yards per carry on 41 carries. This looks like a good week for our duo of Julius Jones and Marion Barber to shine.

Marion Barber continued to show that needs more carries. Julius Jones simply doesn’t break the tackles or make the reads that Barber does. In fact:

Marion Barber

2. Will Miami head coach and former San Diego offensive coodinator Cam Cameron find ways to take advantage of the injuries to the Cowboys’ defense?

Even with the injuries, the Dallas defense has more talent than Washington’s. And given the fact that the Dolphins had fewer than 200 yards passing and fewer than 100 yards rushing against the Redskins, I would think that the Dallas defense would rebound nicely.

Unless Cameron intentionally had Trent Green throw four interceptions, it is fair to say that Miami did not take advantage of the injuries. Anthony Henry earned some respect in this game. However, the Cowboys’ corners are giving up a huge cushion, which is cause for concern.

3. Should every team’s receiving corps scare us?

Plaxico Burress looked all-world last Sunday, but I don’t see anyone on Miami’s team that will cause so many problems. That said, Chris Chambers had nearly 100 yards against Washington.

Chambers had 109 yards on nine receptions, but he was not a huge threat. Marty Booker had a nice touchdown catch, racing past Jacques Reeves, but that was really his only significant catch.

4. Can the Dallas defense keep Miami’s offense off the field?

Miami had four four-and-out drives last week out of a total of 11 drives in the game. With Dallas having so many injury (and now depth) problems, it would certainly be nice to keep the Cowboys’ offense on the field.

TOP: Dallas 35:03, Miami 24:57. According to the teenagers on the message boards: ’nuff said.

5. Will the Cowboys win?

Each week last year, I tried to give a prediction– and according to me, Dallas should have gone 14-2. I’ll avoid scores this year.

Yes, Dallas should win. The Cowboys have more talent, and the injuries on defense should not be a huge problem. The receiving corps looks to be in good shape, so the offense should continue to move the ball effectively.

Jason Garrett has passed his early tests as offensive coodinator. His big exam, though, comes on Sunday. Although the defense bent a little bit, the turnovers were huge. Dallas will need more of those against the Bears.

  • melonball

    I will continue to stay on the bandwagon of both Jones and Barber together. I think Jones will have his big days, starting with the Bears. Against all logic, I think Jones is going to tear it up against the Bears Sun night. And I’m showing my conviction by starting him on my fantasy team this week. We shall soon see if I am genius or idiot 🙂