Remembering Johnny Holloway: Interception vs. St. Louis, 1986

Johnny HollowayI completely missed this until this evening, but someone posted a comment here under the name of holloway (class of ’86). Fred Goodwin fortunately saw this, identifying the individual as Johnny Holloway, a seventh round pick out of Kansas who played cornerback for the Cowboys in 1986. He played his college ball at Kansas as well as, according to Pro-Football-Reference, Northwestern.

Assuming that the poster was indeed Mr. Holloway, he represents the first member of the Cowboys– present or past– to post a comment (or probably to visit) this blog. And here’s a very strange irony: Holloway had one career interception in a game at St. Louis on Monday Night Football in 1986. I recorded one game during the 1986 season, which was the MNF game at St. Louis (where I grew up).

This was the fourth game of the 1986 season. Dallas had a 2-1 record and had scored at least 30 points in each of the first three games. During this game, Dallas took a 10-0 lead, but St. Louis drove to the Dallas nine with less than a minute to play in the first half. In an unusual play, St. Louis quarterback Neil Lomax threw two forward passes on one play, and Holloway picked off the second of those passes. This is from the DMN article:

Lomax tried a shovel pass to fullback Earl Ferrell, who was hit immediately by Vince Albritton. Ferrell flipped the ball back to a surprised Lomax, who rolled right and fired a pass toward tight end Doug Marsh in the end zone. The only two things wrong with that idea were that you can’t throw two forward passes on one play and the ball headed for cornerback Johnny Holloway. The Cowboys’ rookie intercepted the pass and Dallas declined the penalty to negate what had been only the second serious scoring threat of the half by St. Louis.

Here is the video:

Holloway played in all 16 games in 1986 for Dallas. He played in three more for St. Louis in 1987 (post-strike) before his career ended.

But thanks to a simple comment on this blog, we won’t forget him here.

  • I do not remember Johnny Holloway, but like I said in an earlier comment. Everything from ‘The Catch” to the 1989 draft is a blurr. I truly enjoy reading about players from the past and the video makes it double SWEET!

    how many old games to you have on recorded?

  • Fred Goodwin

    That is awesome that you recorded this exact game — I hope Mr. Holloway returns to visit again, so we can accord him the proper respect.

    Thanx kickholder, and thanx Mr. Holloway!

  • I only have a small handful of games from the 1980s– 1985 vs. Washington (part of the game), 1986 vs. St. Louis, 1987 vs. Minnesota. That’s why it was so odd that I happened to have the game when he recorded his interception.

    I have to admit, though, that I had no memory of Holloway until I saw the comment yesterday. I hope that he at least sees this.

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  • morgan

    we were at a football camp in sacramento,ca this past week and actually met mr holloway. he was my sons LB coach. very nice man. didnt talk much of his career just that he played in the nfl and cfl. just the same a very nice man.

  • Thanks, Morgan. He left that message before I posted this, but it doesn’t appear as if he’s been back. I hope he gets a chance to see this.

  • zigomanis18


    I remember this year very well. it was, unfortunetly, the first cowboy’s losing season in 21 years. However, the first half of the year, Dallas went 6-2 and had the highest scoring offense in the league. THen, the offensive line fell apart int he second half of the season and Danny white went down in week 9. I think if Danny had been there, the cowboys would have gotten 10 wins that year. But, instead, they finished 7-9. After 20 straight winning season, it was time to rebuild. Still. Great memories from that year. Herschel walker’s rookie NFL season.

    By the way, Dallas won this game 31-7 and would destroy the Cards 37-6 in week 8 several weeks later. Ironically, that would be the last highlight of the season because the boys then went on to lose the next 7 of 8.

    Gee, it would be great if Mr. Holloway responded and would discuss his memories of that season.

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  • Jack morgan

    Johnny Holloway is in houston,TX I hear

  • Yurilyte

    You’re correct. That’s my pops. He’s doing well, I should tell him to come back to this thread