Greatest Cowboys By Their Jersey Numbers: #49

Part of the Greatest Players by Number Series

Jersey #49

Two players have worn #49 for the Cowboys. Both players were tight ends.

Johnny Huggins, TE, Alabama State, 2001

Statistics: Huggins caught eight passes for 36 yards for the Cowboys.

Accolades: None.

Longevity: He saw action in 10 games in 2001.

Intangibles: There is not much to remember about the 2001 season, let alone Mr. Huggins. For those who would like a refresher, Huggins backed up starter Jackie Harris and the other blocking tight end, Mike Lucky. Huggins was picked up by Houston in the 2002 expansion draft but was later released. He did not play again.

Brett Pierce, TE, Stanford, 2004-05

Statistics: Pierce caught two passes for 15 yards.

Accolades: None.

Longevity: Pierce played two seasons in Dallas.

Intangibles: In 2004-05, Pierce was another third string tight end behind Jason Witten and Dan Campbell. He was mostly used as a blocker and on special teams.

Note: Pierce wore #49 in 2004 and #88 in 2005. Given that we have plenty of candidates for #88, I put Pierce here.


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  • Brett Pierce (57%, 29 Votes)
  • Johnny Huggins (43%, 22 Votes)

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My Vote: Pierce

Brett PierceLots of dilemmas here: (1) I could not find a picture of Huggins anywhere, other than the team picture for 2001; (2) I am not sure how to compare the quality of third string tight ends; (3) I don’t want to remember the 2001 season, so there is a bias against Huggins; (4) very few players have the right to wear #88, let alone a third strong tight end, so there is a bias towards Pierce.

In the end, Huggins was heads, while Pierce was tails. It turned up tails.