Greatest Cowboys By Their Jersey Numbers: #72

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Jersey #72

Eight players have worn #72 for the Cowboys. This includes five defensive linemen and three offensive linemen.

Stephen Bowen, DE, Hofstra, 2006-present

Statistics: Bowen has recorded one sack and 10 tackles.

Accolades: None.

Longevity: He will enter his third season in 2008.

Intangibles: Bowen saw quite a bit of action in 2007 as part of the rotation on defensive line. He finished fourth on the team in quarterback pressures.

Louis Cheek, OL, Texas A&M, 1990

Statistics: n/a

Accolades: None.

Longevity: He played one season in Dallas.

Intangibles: The Cowboys signed Cheek as a Plan B free agent in 1990, but he lasted only part of the season.

Ray Childress, DT, Texas A&M, 1996

Statistics: Childress recorded one sack with the Cowboys.

Accolades: None with Dallas.

Longevity: He played part of one season with the Cowboys.

Intangibles: Dallas signed Childress in 1996 to replace Leon Lett, who had been suspended. Childress was a legend in Houston, but he was not the same player with the Cowboys. He retired after the 1996 season.

Bill Herchman, DT, Texas Tech, 1960-61

Statistics: Herchman recovered two fumbles with the Cowboys.

Accolades: None.

Longevity: He played two seasons in Dallas.

Intangibles: Dallas acquired Herchman via trade before the 1960 season, and he became a starter immediately. Dallas traded him to Houston before the 1962 season.

Ed Jones, DE, Tennessee State, 1974-78, 1980-89

Statistics: Jones officially recorded 57.5 sacks. Unofficially, he had 106.

Accolades: He was named to three Pro Bowls and one first-team All-Pro team.

Longevity: Jones played fifteen seasons in Dallas.

Intangibles: Too Tall was one of the great defensive linemen in team history. He was very good before taking a year off to become a boxer, and he seemed to become better when he returned to the team in 1980 after his boxing career failed. His height was good for more than his nickname; due to his size, many quarterbacks had difficulty throwing over him, and he probably had more career blocked passes than anyone else in history.

Tony Liscio, T, Tulsa, 1963-64, 1966-71

Statistics: n/a

Accolades: None.

Longevity: He played eight seasons in Dallas.

Intangibles: Liscio was the starting tackle for the Cowboys in many of the team’s greatest games. He was part of a trade in 1970 that brought Lance Alworth from San Diego, but he returned to Dallas in 1971 when Ralph Neely broke his leg in a motorcycle accident. Liscio’s final NFL game was Super Bowl VI.

Dwayne Missouri, DE, Northwestern, 2001

Statistics: n/a

Accolades: None.

Longevity: He played one season in Dallas.

Intangibles: Missouri saw action in three games in 2001.

Stephen Peterman, G, Louisiana State, 2005

Statistics: n/a

Accolades: None.

Longevity: He played two seasons in Dallas.

Intangibles: Peterman was part of the failure of a draft in 2004. He was taken in the third round that season, but he saw action in only three games with the Cowboys. He later played with the Lions.


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Greatest #72

  • Ed Jones (97%, 127 Votes)
  • Tony Liscio (2%, 2 Votes)
  • Stephen Bowen (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Ray Childress (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Mike Sullivan (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Louis Cheek (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Bill Herchman (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Dwayne Missouri (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Stephen Peterman (0%, 0 Votes)

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My Vote: Too Tall

Too Tall JonesAlong with Mark Tuinei and Bill Bates, Too Tall shares the team record for length of service. If it weren’t for his year in boxing, he might hold the record, but then again, he might not have been quite as effective as he was during the decade of the 1980s. He is often overlooked for how great he was, but few players in NFL history can claim 106 sacks.

Of the others, Liscio deserves a bit of consideration, but he did not contribute to the same extent that Jones did.

  • Too Tall was great. I ran into him on a flight to Vegas a few years back.. I hollered at him as he was walking down the ailse of the Airplane.. ‘HEY TOO TALL!!”

    My wife grabs my arm and asked, why are you making fun of that tall black man, he is likely to come over here and pound you…

    Too Tall, simply nodded and said, hey!

  • robert

    Didn’t Too Tall wear another jersey number for a season or two?

  • Fred Goodwin

    Robert, according to the Cowboys media guide, Too Tall has always worn #72.

    Its possible he was assigned a different number during the pre-season of his rookie year, but I have no info on that.

  • Tim Truemper

    Too Tall is another player who should be in the HOF but alas is not.

    Interesting story on Liscio. He had gotten cut during preseason durig 1971 and was out of football. When Neely broke his leg, Landry called him and asked him to fill in. Liscio practiced for one week and started against the Eagles. Dallas won in a sloppy game (I was there!). Liscio remained in Neely’s position as a starter and got himself a SB ring to boot.