You Vote: Greatest Home Win vs. Eagles

I am going to try a new feature this season: vote for the greatest game in certain categories, focusing on each week’s opponent. Hopefully this is a little bit more interesting than simple trivia posts; I will still include plenty of trivia, nevertheless.

This week’s poll focuses on the greatest home victories the Cowboys have scored against the Eagles. Dallas has faced the Eagles in a total of 49 home games. Here is a breakdown of the statistics:

Dallas vs. Philadelphia at the Cotton Bowl

11 Games
Cowboys record: 7-4

Dallas vs. Philadelphia at Texas Stadium

38 Games
Cowboys record: 24-14

Longest Home Winning Streak vs. Eagles

13 games
Started: 56-7 win in 1966
Ended: 31-21 loss in 1979

Longest Home Losing Streak vs. Eagles

4 games (twice)

Greatest Games

Here is a summary of the 12 greatest home wins over the Eagles.

1962: Cowboys 41, Eagles 19

Significance: The Cowboys won their first game ever against the Eagles in a blowout.

Recap: This game was also noteworthy in that the Cowboys became the first team in NFL history to score on two plays that went over 100 yards. The first was a 101-yard kickoff return by Amos Marsh. The second was a 100-yard interception return by Mike Gaechter. The win gave Dallas a 2-2-1 record.

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1966: Cowboys 56, Eagles 7

Significance: The Cowboys’ largest margin of victory of the series and sparked a home winning streak over the Eagles that lasted until 1979.

Recap: Don Meredith established a team record with five touchdown passes and also threw for 394 yards.  Dallas scored 21 points before the Eagles could muster a first down, as Dallas roared to a win and improve the team record to 4-0.

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1970: Cowboys 21, Eagles 17

Significance: This was the final win by the Cowboys over the Eagles at the Cotton Bowl.

Recap: Thanks to two long touchdown passes from Craig Morton to Lance Rentzel (86 and 56 yards), the Cowboys pulled out a win in an otherwise lackluster game.

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1971: Cowboys 20, Eagles 7

Significance: This was the first win by the Cowboys over the Eagles at Texas Stadium.

Recap: This win took place one week after the Cowboys had barely edged the Cardinals.  The Dallas defense held Philadelphia to just 44 yards on the ground to help secure the win for Dallas.

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1975: Cowboys 27, Eagles 17

Significance: Dallas picked up a win on Bob Lilly Day.

Recap: The fact that this was played on Bob Lilly Day makes this stand out more than anything else.  What is also noteworthy is this comment by Bob St. John in the DMN article about the game:

But the club did win and it seemed more methodical this time. Oh, not methodical like the team was in a Super Bowl year, but at least there were signs of a consistency pattern, especially on offense and this is something needed if Tom Landry’s team is to drive into the playoffs.

This win gave Dallas a 5-1 record, and when the team finished the season on a 5-1 run, it set up a Super Bowl run.

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1977: Cowboys 24, Eagles 14

Significance: Tony Dorsett picks up a team record 206 yards on the day, including an 84-yard touchdown run that seals the win.

Recap:With this win, Dallas won the NFC East and secured home field advantage throughout the 1977 playoffs.  Harvey Martin established an unofficial team record with his 23rd sack of the season.

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1992: Cowboys 20, Eagles 10

Significance: Four weeks after the Eagles had demolished Dallas on Monday Night Football, the Cowboys rolled to a win.

Recap: This win broke a four-game home losing streak to the Eagles that started in 1988.  Emmitt Smith torched the Eagles for 163 yards, and the entire Eagles offense only managed 208 yards.

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1992: Cowboys 34, Eagles 10

Significance: The Cowboys won their first playoff game against the Eagles in franchise history and moved on to face San Francisco in the NFC Championship Game.

Recap: Dallas scored 34 consecutive points in a blowout win.  The Eagles managed just 63 yards on the ground and 160 yards in the air.  Here is a piece I ran yesterday about this.

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1995: Cowboys 30, Eagles 11

Significance: For the second time in four seasons, the Cowboys destroyed the Eagles in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Recap: About a month after Dallas had lost to the Eagles on the infamous 4th-and-1 calls, the Cowboys dominated both sides of the ball to beat Philadelphia. Deion Sanders scored a touchdown on offense and picked off a pass on defense to help in the victory.

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1997: Cowboys 21, Eagles 20

Significance: Dallas picked up a miracle win when Eagle kick holder Tom Hutton dropped a snap on what would have been a game-winning 22-yard field goal.

Recap: In a mostly forgettable season, the Cowboys won on a gift.  Dallas had trailed 17-3 but had come back with less than a minute to go thanks to an Anthony Miller touchdown grab.  On the ensuing drive, Ty Detmer hit Freddie Solomon on a 46-yard pass play that moved the ball to the Dallas 4 and apparently set up the game winner by former Cowboy Chris Boniol.  But Hutton dropped the snap, and when the Cowboys managed to tackle him, the game was over.

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2003: Cowboys 23, Eagles 21

Significance: The Cowboys ended a six-game losing streak by edging Philadelphia. Tex Schramm was posthumously inducted into the Ring of Honor during this game.

Recap: Bill Parcells looked like a genius when the Randal Williams snagged an onside kick attempt and ran it back for a touchdown. On the Cowboys’ final drive, quarterback Quincy Carter beat the Eagles’ blitz by hitting Joey Galloway over the middle. Billy Cundiff’s 28-yard field goal with 1:11 left won the game.

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2005: Cowboys 33, Eagles 10

Significance: For the first time since the 1990s, the Cowboys destroyed the Eagles by playing a nearly flawless game.

Recap: Thanks to three touchdown passes by Drew Bledsoe, the Cowboys raced to a 27-3 halftime lead en route to a blowout win. Donovan McNabb threw for just 131 yards, while as a team the Eagles ran for just 19 yards.

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Here is your chance to vote for the greatest home win by the Cowboys over the Eagles.

Greatest Home Win vs. Eagles

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My Vote: 1992 Divisional Playoff Win

I kind of gave this away when I posted the video clip yesterday before running this poll, didn’t I? As the Cowboys have struggled with the Eagles for much of this decade, people tend to forget how many problems the Cowboys had with Philadelphia in the 1980s and early 1990s. Dallas finally found a way to win at Philly in 1991, and with this win, the tables had completely turned in the Cowboys’ favor.

  • I tried to pick the ’66 game, but the poll isn’t working for me. Oh well . . .

  • OK, maybe it did work after all.

  • I’m sorry for the trouble, Fred. I tried to reinstall the sidebar widget for the polls, and it might have messed up the poll. I think I’ve solved it.

  • Dave Conklin

    I’ve been a cowboys fan since about 1979.I was born in NJ in 1972.As a 7 year old I’ll admit I only liked the silver and blue with the big blue star on the helmet.Then a couple of years later I began to understand the game and the rivalry.I disliked the Eagles then.I lived in central Jersey as a teen-ager in school among Giants or Eagles fans.Not very Cowboy friendly country.Now I live aprox.30-40 min north of Philadelphia in a small town in PA.Even less friendly cowboy country.I truly HATE the Eagles now.My point is this:MY entire football loving life has been as a Cowboys fan.There is NO single game that can be defined as the greatest home win over the Eagles.EVERY win over the Eagles,home or away, is the greatest win for this Cowboys fan living in Eagles country.Die Eagles Die score no touchdowns on Monday…………….

  • That’s certainly fair, Dave. I grew up a Cowboys fan in a suburb of St. Louis, so I know the feeling of being among enemies. I was thinking more along the lines of the most memorable win over the Eagles – heck, even the win during the strike game in 1987 was a good one.

  • rob

    the cowboys suck i am an eagles fan they will be smoked this year t.o. sucks he drops more then he catches and cries more then he plays. romo is the sameway. when the eagles sack him it will be all over and i kwow they will maybe make it to the supershitter game i know they like playing in the bowl

  • Clarity of thought, Rob. Clarity.

  • Tim

    Dallas fan since 1966. I was just a tyke when Don Meredith lit up the Eagles in 1966. I was just awed by all the multiple sets, the team speed and all of the skill of the various players. Plus the defense (just now being called “Doomsday”) was incredible. But I voted for the 1992 playoff game because it was an important marker of the franchise being on the road back to excellence.

    I have lived in Texas and outside of Philadelphia. Interesting contrast in fan views and fan culture!

  • I am a Cowboys fan since 1974, originally out of Washington, D.C., and no team is hated more than DaBoys in my hometown. I have enjoyed this rivalry with friends and coworkers for a lot of years, luckily on the winning end of most. Bragging rights baby! Egals fans are nothing but a bunch of pre-game trashtalkers and post-game weeepers and chokers!

  • Dave Conklin

    I think this latest home victory over the Eagles is,in my opinion,the greatest home win ever!!!!Not only was it a nail biter to the end(I almost chewed my fingers off),it broke records.So now ALL of us Cowboys fans can say,we won our first,and last,home game against the Eagles, at Texas Stadium.I don’t think any other team in football has ever done that.At least,not in my lifetime(37 years).That’s why this win is so special to me,and my favorite.My whole life as a Cowboys fan has been at Texas stadium.I’ll miss Texas Stadium,but,I can’t wait to start SMASHING the Eagles in the new one!!!!
    GO COWBOYS!!!!
    We WILL be the SIX time Superbowl Champions thiis year.I can feel it!!!