Preview: Cowboys vs. Bengals

We’ve seen quite a bit of garbage flying around about: (a) Terrell Owens either flying off the handle about his role in the offense or not flying off the handle about his role in the offense; (b) how Wade Phillips suddenly can’t ever beat anyone in the division (notwithstanding his 5-3 regular season record within the division– far superior than anything we’ve seen since the 1990s); (c) how the defense has become just the absolute worst in the NFL; (d) how the referees exacted their revenge on Jerry Jones for his comments about Ed Hochuli by calling a Redskins field goal good when it may have hooked to the left (from the perspective of the kicker).

Most of this is nonsense, I think. Several of the pundits making these comments have suggested that Cowboys have to turn everything around to salvage their season, or else the entire world is going to come crashing to the ground. Et cetera.

Fortunately, most of the prognosticators have the Cowboys winning this week. Here’s a look:

CBS Sportsline

Here is the preview from CBS Sportsline:

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Accuscore Prediction: Cowboys 32, Bengals 15

The Cowboys won 89% of the Accuscore simulations this week. Carson Palmer is projected to throw for only 118 yards, which would certainly be nice.

WhatIfSports Prediction: Dallas 35, Cincinnati 10

WhatIfSports has been even better to the Cowboys in its simulations. The Cowboys won 95% of the simulations by an average score of 35-10. This site inserted backup Ryan Fitzpatrick for Carson Palmer, which may explain why Dallas was so dominant.