Cowboys Take a Power Rankings Dive

As expeted, the Cowboys took a big hit in the power rankings this week. Among five power rankings reviewed below, Dallas averages 13th in the league. The team was the consensus #1 a month ago.

1. Jeremy Green, ESPN Podcast: Cowboys are #16

The Cowboys have fallen hard according to the lead football podcaster at ESPN. Here is the audio clip:


The latter part of the clip features an interview with Len Pasquarelli. Pasquarelli points out that unlike baseball teams that fire their managers, football teams that fire their head coaches never tend to fare well. He cites a stat that the combined record of coaches who have taken over during the season is less than .333.

Here is a quote from one of his articles written last season:

The cumulative record of the in-season replacement coaches since the merger is just 119-261-1. That’s an anemic winning percentage of .314, not much better than the success rate of the coaches that the replacement guys supplanted. Of the 58 previous in-season replacement coaches since 1970, only 10 have posted winning records, and that includes four who coached three or fewer games.

2. ESPN NFL Writers: Cowboys are #15

According to ESPN, the Cowboys rank below the Falcons, Bears, Cardinals, and all three division opponents. Not good.

Probably generous to put the Cowboys here after Sunday’s performance. This team is staring 4-6 in the face. (MM)

3. Fox Sports: Cowboys are #12

Somehow, the Cowboys stayed ahead of the Eagles and Packers according to Adrian Hasenmayer of Fox Sports. I’m thinking he didn’t actually see the Rams game.

Nice to see Jerry, Wade and the Cowboys finally admit it’s a perfectly good time to panic. OK, they really didn’t do that a loss to the Rams is instigating the football equivalent of the financial crisis. Let’s take a breath, however. Dallas is still 4-2 in games with injured starting QB Tony Romo in the lineup … and Brad Johnson didn’t play all that poorly against the Rams. They still have plenty of weapons, at least on offense, to right their leaky ship. But another loss, and watch for the carnage around Jerry Jones next week. THIS WEEK: vs. Bucs (5-2).

4. NBC Sports: Cowboys are #14

The Cowboys fell seven spots in’s ranking. This site allows fans to vote as well, and the fans also have the Cowboys ranked at number 14.

5. Pro Football Weekly: Cowboys are #10

The editors of Pro Football Weekly have the Cowboys at number 10, ahead of Jacksonville, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Green Bay, and Indianapolis. The comment there: “Too bad ‘Hard Knocks’ doesn’t air during the season.”

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