Cowboys Free Falling in the Power Rankings

In last week’s power rankings review, the Cowboys averaged a ranking of 9. This week, they are down to #16 on average. Note that a couple of rankings I’ve used in the past couple of weeks (NBC, Pro Football Weekly) are not available as of right now. On several lists, the Cowboys have been passed up by the likes of the Dolphins and Falcons.

1. Jeremy Green, ESPN Podcast: Cowboys are #19

I was not a big fan of Jeremy Green last year, but this is the one podcast I listen to with any regularity. In his power rankings, Dallas dropped from 11 to 19. You can listen to his 30-second or so clip below.


2. ESPN NFL Writers: Cowboys are #19

Former Dallas Morning News columnist Matt Mosley is part of the crew that ranks the team in the ESPN power rankings. Dallas fell from eighth all the way to 19th.  Ugly.

Tony Romo will try to breathe life into the fading Cowboys after their bye. A loss to the Redskins on Nov. 16 would be a big blow. (MM)

3. Fox Sports: Cowboys are #14

Adrian Hasenmayer of Fox Sports dropped the Cowboys from 10th to 14th.

Just last season the Cowboys appeared to be en route to the Super Bowl as the NFC’s best team. After nine games this season, the Cowboys are undergoing an official team collapse. This group is praying to get starting QB Tony Romo back in the lineup in two weeks to help stop the bleeding.

4. CBS Sportsline: Cowboys are #11

Pete Prisco is still more optimistic about the Cowboys than most. But even in his poll, the Cowboys have fallen out of the top 10.

5. Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: Cowboys are #12

A new power ranking this week from Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News. He has the Cowboys ranked #12, which is down from #8 last week.

Tony Romo’s absence obviously has severely hindered the passing game for Dallas (5-4), but running the ball minus rookie Felix Jones hasn’t been so easy, either. Marion Barber can be more effective wearing down defenses if he has Jones’ quick change-of-pace home-run style to keep opponents on their heels early.

6. Cowboys are #20

Since so few of the power rankings were out, I went with an unknown for the final spot. Bryan Leonard of has a pretty good power rankings list, but he’s no fan of this Cowboys team. According to his rankings, Dallas dropped from 13 to 20 after last week’s loss.

Cowboys are a prime example why you don’t play favorites on the future board. Bye week only prevents further fall.

  • Even critics are fickle when it comes to this team. How many people had this team as a Super Bowl favorite? It’s just like Moose said – like rats abandoning a ship.