San Francisco at Dallas: The Last Cowboys Tie (1969)

San Francisco at Dallas, 1969

San Francisco at Dallas, 1969

The 49ers visit the Cowboys in San Francisco’s last visit to Texas Stadium on Sunday. There were a few great games in this series at Texas Stadium, with the biggest (of course) being the 1993 NFC Championship game. We’ll look at a few of those games in a later post.

The media has given far too much coverage to Donovan McNabb’s lack of knowledge about ties in the modern NFL.

At this blog, we care far too much about obscure history of one team. But this one is too good to pass up: the last time that San Francisco visited the Cotton Bowl was on the evening of Thanksgiving in 1969. And the result was a 24-24 tie, which was the last tie that the Cowboys have had.

Here is part of Bob St. John’s synopsis:

So, the Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers tied, 24-24, on a cold Thanksgiving Day in the Cotton Bowl, and for Dallas this was about like kissing. Washington. Nothing gained in the Capitol Division, nothing lost.

About like kissing. Washington. Huh?

Anyway, with the game tied in the final minutes, Craig Morton drove the Cowboys into San Francisco territory. On one of the plays in that drive, Morton hit Rayfield Wright, who was a tight end in 1969. That marked Wright’s last NFL reception before he moved on to become a Hall of Fame tackle.

With 12 seconds left, Mike Clark tried a 37-yard field goal to give Dallas the win, but a 49er lineman blocked the field goal.

I found two shots of the game on the team’s 1969 highlight film, which merely mentioned that Dallas played “uninspired football” against San Francisco.

The 1969 schedule, as it turns out, was similar to the team’s 2008 schedule. After the Thanksgiving Day game, Dallas traveled to Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers. Then Dallas hosted a Baltimore team (Colts in 1969, Ravens in 2008) and finished the season against a division rival (Redskins in 1969, Eagles in 2008).

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    mcnabb once again looking for an excuse.

  • The late great Charlie Krueger blocked that field goal. Lance Rentzel made a brilliant toe-tap catch for the tying TD. This remains one of the greatest games I ever saw.