Cowboys’ Record After Thanksgiving

For many years, announcers would remind us that while the Cowboys were good on Thanksgiving Day, they were especially good in the games that followed Thanksgiving. From 1966 until 1984 (not including 1975 or 1977, when Dallas did not host the Thanksgiving Day game), the Cowboys went 16-1 in the games that followed Thanksgiving.

After 1984, though, Dallas has struggled. Since 1985, the Cowboys have managed only a 10-13 record in the games following the Thanksgiving Day game, including a five-game losing streak between 1985 and 1989 and a four-game losing streak between 1997 and 2000. In the past ten seasons, Dallas has gone 4-6 in the games after Thanksgiving.

Here are a few more related notes:

* Dallas has faced Pittsburgh only once in a game after Thanksgiving. On December 7, 1969, ten days after Thanksgiving that year, the Cowboys beat the Steelers 10-7.
* The Cowboys’ biggest win in one of these games was a 52-10 win over the Jets in 1971, which improved the Cowboys’ record to 9-3. It was an important win because Washington at that time had an 8-3-1 record.
* Probably the most exciting win in one of these games came in 2004, when Dallas rallied to beat the Seahawks in a 43-39 thriller.
* The worst loss in one of these games came in 1985, when the Cowboys were demolished by the Cincinnati Bengals 50-24. It was the second time in four games that season that the Cowboys had been blown out, with the first being a 44-0 loss to Chicago.
* In only four games have the Cowboys played the game after Thanksgiving on a day other than Sunday. In 1993, 1999, and 2004, the Cowboys played on Monday night on the week after Thanksgiving, thus giving the Cowboys 11 days off instead of 10. The Cowboys won two of those three games. In 2007, Dallas only got one week off after Thanksgiving because the Cowboys had to play the Packers on the Thursday night after Thanksgiving. Dallas won both that game and the game on the following Sunday.

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For a little bit of a diversion, try this quiz. It asks you a series of questions and then determines which of the coaches in Dallas Cowboys team history you would relate to the most. Here is one result:

Dallas Cowboys Coach

Your Result: Tom Landry

Landry was the first coach the Cowboys ever had, and he served in that position for 29 years. He led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl titles and five Super Bowl appearances.

Jimmy Johnson
Wade Phillips
Barry Switzer
Chan Gailey
Bill Parcells
Dave Campo
Dallas Cowboys Coach
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