The Farewell to Texas Stadium

Although most were disappointed with the Cowboys’ loss to Baltimore, it did not ruin the postgame ceremony honoring Texas Stadium. The ceremony consisted mostly of former players, coaches, and administrators coming out onto the field one last time to run to the star at midfield.

I have not seen an official list of attendees, and I was not able to record the entire ceremony. Based solely on my recollection (and I was paying close attention, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t forget anyone), below is a list of those in attendance. If you are aware of a player I missed, please leave a comment so that I can update this list.

Ring of Honor Members in Attendance

#12 Roger Staubach, QB, 1969-1979
#20 Mel Renfro, DB, 1964-1977
#22 Emmitt Smith, RB, 1990-2002
#33 Tony Dorsett, RB, 1977-1987
#43 Cliff Harris, S, 1970-1979
#43 Don Perkins, RB, 1961-1968
#54 Chuck Howley, LB, 1961-1973
#54 Randy White, DT/LB, 1975-1988
#55 Lee Roy Jordan, LB, 1963-1976
#70 Rayfield Wright, T/TE, 1967-1979
#74 Bob Lilly, DL, 1961-1974
#88 Michael Irvin, WR, 1988-1999
Head Coach Tom Landry, 1960-1988 (represented by his son)

Players in Attendance

#4 Mike Saxon, P, 1985-1992
#20 Ron Springs, RB, 1979-1984 (represented by his spouse)
#21 Deion Sanders, CB, 1995-1999 (didn’t run out on the field, but he was working for NFL Network)
#24 Larry Brown, CB, 1991-1995, 1998
#24 Tony Dixon, S, 2001-2004
#24 Everson Walls, CB, 1981-1989
#26 Preston Pearson, RB, 1975-1980
#30 Timmy Newsome, RB, 1980-88
#32 Walt Garrison, RB, 1966-74
#32 Dennis Thurman, DB, 1978-85
#34 Cornell Green, DB, 1962-74
#35 Calvin Hill, RB, 1969-74
#35 Scott Laidlaw, RB, 1975-79
#40 Bill Bates, S, 1983-97
#41 Charlie Waters, DB, 1970-78, 1980-81
#42 Randy Hughes, S, 1975-80
#42 Charlie Williams, S, 1995-00
#44 Robert Newhouse, FB, 1972-83
#44 Robert Thomas, LB/FB, 1998-02
#50 D.D. Lewis, LB, 1968, 1970-81
#51 Dave Manders, C, 1964-66, 1968-74
#52 Dexter Coakley, LB, 1997-04
#52 Dave Edwards, LB, 1963-75
#53 Bob Breunig, LB, 1975-84
#56 Thomas Henderson, LB, 1975-79
#56 Eugene Lockhart, LB, 1984-90
#58 Dixon Edwards, LB, 1991-95
#59 Guy Brown, LB, 1981-1987
#60 Don Smerek, DL, 1981-87
#61 Nate Newton, G/T, 1986-98
#61 Blaine Nye, G, 1968-76
#62 John Fitzgerald, C, 1971-80
#63 Larry Cole, DL, 1968-80
#63 John Gesek, G, 1990-93
#64 Tom Rafferty, G/C, 1976-89
#66 Burton Lawless, G, 1975-79
#71 Mark Tuinei, OT/DL, 1983-97 (represented by spouse)
#72 Ed Jones, DE, 1974-78, 1980-89
#72 Tony Liscio, T, 1963-64, 1966-71
#73 Larry Allen, G/T, 1994-05
#73 Ralph Neely, G/T, 1965-77
#75 Tony Casillas, DT, 1994-93, 1996-97
#75 Jethro Pugh, DT, 1965-78
#76 John Niland, G, 1966-74
#77 Jim Jeffcoat, DE, 1983-94
#78 John Dutton, DL, 1979-86
#78 Leon Lett, DL, 1991-00
#80 Tony Hill, WR, 1977-86
#81 Raghib Ismail, WR, 1999-01
#84 Pettis Norman, TE, 1962-70
#84 Jay Novacek, TE, 1990-96
#86 Butch Johnson, WR, 1976-83
#87 Jay Saldi, TE, 1976-82
#88 Drew Pearson, WR, 1973-83
#89 Billy Joe DuPree, TE, 1973-83
#92 Tony Tolbert, DL, 1989-97
#94 Charles Haley, DE, 1992-96
#95 Chad Hennings, DT, 1992-00

Coaches and Administrators in Attendance

Gil Brandt
Jim Myers
Jerry Tubbs
Gene Stallings
Hubbard Alexander
Joe Avezzano

Total Number of Players, Coaches, and Administrators in Attendance

70 players (or representatives)
7 coaches (or representatives)

Our Trip

I made a short video of our trip to Texas Stadium for my son to watch. I meant to take many more pictures, but: (a) I am lousy at taking pictures; (b) my camera tends to take bad shots because it has a strange delay between hitting the button and taking the shot; and (c) I am especially lousy at trying to take pictures with the equally lousy camera.

Anyway, here’s the video:

More Videos has more videos about the ceremony. Here are some links:

Emmitt Smith’s Speech

Interview with Randy White

Interview with Bob Lilly

More of the Broadcast

  • I caught some of the post-game ceremony on NFLN, but they focused more on the post-game interviews, with scenes of the ceremony surrounding the interviews, which was very distracting.

    I understand the Dallas-Ravens program was a special edition focusing on the history of Texas Stadium — can you confirm that?

  • Fred:

    We got to the game about 25 minutes before kickoff, and I could not find a program to buy anywhere. I saw the cover of the program, and it does focus on Texas Stadium. There are a bunch of them listed on Ebay, along with ticket stubs (which I did keep).

  • Matt:

    The program is listed in the online Cowboys Pro Shop but it is back ordered. And don’t bother with the Stadium Pro Shop — I called them already and they are also out of stock.

    Before you submit an eBay bid: I picked up a copy at my local Cowboys Pro Shop for $7.50 (25% off until Jan 4). They said they would accept phone orders: 210-543-8575. They had about 20 in stock when I bought mine.

    Despite the outcome of the game, I think the program was very well done and worth the purchase price.

  • Thanks, Fred. I will call tomorrow. I definitely want a copy and was very disappointed they were so hard to come by at the game.