Who Will Make the Cowboys’ 50th Anniversary Team?

The Cowboys will play their 50th season in 2009, and if the team does what it did in 1984, the Cowboys will select a team to represent the first 50 years.

Here is a look at the 25th Anniversary Silver Season team, as selected by fans in 1984.

Dallas Cowboys Silver Season


Roger Staubach, QB, 1969-1979

Don Meredith, QB, 1960-1968

Tony Dorsett, RB, 1977-1985

Walt Garrison, RB, 1966-1974

Don Perkins, RB, 1961-1968

Drew Pearson, WR, 1973-1983

Bob Hayes, WR, 1965-1974

Billy Joe Dupree, TE, 1973-1983

John Fitzgerald, C, 1971-1980

John Niland, G, 1966-1974

Herb Scott, G, 1975-1984

Rayfield Wright, T, 1967-1979

Ralph Neely, T, 1965-1977

Danny White, P, 1976-1985

Rafael Septien, K, 1978-1985


Bob Lilly, DT, 1961-1974

Randy White, DT, 1975-1985

Ed Jones, DE, 1974-1985

Harvey Martin, DE, 1973-1983

Chuck Howley, LB, 1961-1972

Lee Roy Jordan, LB, 1963-1976

D.D. Lewis, LB, 1968-1981

Mel Renfro, CB/S, 1964-1977

Cornell Green, CB, 1962-1974

Everson Walls, CB, 1981-1989

Charlie Waters, S, 1970-1981

Cliff Harris, S, 1970-1979

Many of these players would probably remain on the 50th Anniversary Team, as will several players from the 1990s. Here are some of the more likely candidates who have played from 1985 to the present, although some may argue that a few more candidates should be on this list.


Troy Aikman, QB, 1989-2000

Emmitt Smith, RB, 1990-2002

Daryl Johnston, FB, 1989-1999

Michael Irvin, WR, 1988-1999

Jason Witten, TE, 2003-present

Jay Novacek, TE, 1990-1995

Mark Stepnoski, C, 1989-1994, 1999-2001

Larry Allen, G/T, 1994-2005

Nate Newton, G, 1986-1998

Erik Williams, T, 1991-2000

Mark Tuinei, T, 1983-1997

Mat McBriar, P, 2004-present

Kickers: Few of the kickers used since 1984 have lasted longer than two or three years. The best candidates are probably Chris Boniol (1994-1996) and Nick Folk (2007-present)


Charles Haley, DE, 1992-1996

Jim Jeffcoat, DE, 1983-1994

Dexter Coakley, LB, 1997-2004

Dat Nguyen, LB, 1999-2005

DeMarcus Ware, LB, 2005-present

Deion Sanders, CB, 1995-1999

Terence Newman, CB, 2003-present

Darren Woodson, S, 1992-2003

Roy Williams, S, 2002-present

Did I leave someone out? Any thoughts?

  • Fans should lobby for a 50th anniversary mascot. I say bring back “Cowboy Joe” and dump Rowdy!

  • Amen to that, Fred. And I think Crazy Ray should be included somewhere as an honorary member.

  • By the way: I was corrected on the PFRA Forum: 2009 will be the Cowboys’ 50th season, not the 50th anniversary, which doesn’t happen until 2010.

    Anyway, there will be some interesting decisions to be made re: all-time players: Aikman vs. Staubach, Emmitt vs. Dorsett, Irvin vs. Pearson, and it just goes on.

    As a franchise, its kinda nice to have those kinds of decisions to make!

  • Thanks, Fred. I was just looking at the 25th anniversary book published by Taylor Publishing in 1985 and should have thought to be clear that 2009 is the 50th season.

  • Temos tudo para ser uma grande equipe.
    Só precisamos de um pouco de sorte também.
    Douglas Bete
    Sorocaba SP

  • Thanks, Douglas, and I agree for the most part. We do have everything we need to be successful in terms of talent, but there are intangibles that have not played in our favor. It’s going to be a long offseason.

    (I won’t pretend to know Spanish or Portuguese– I have http://babelfish.yahoo.com/)

  • Tim

    I would add Tony Hill for WR to the list to be considered. Drew was a fan favorite but Tony was more productive for the most part. At least he should be on the list as those considered.