Classic Dallas Cowboys Trivia Answers

Here are the answers to the trivia questions posted on Saturday:

1. What position did Tex Schramm hold immediately before being named as general manager of the Cowboys (then the Rangers)?

He was assistant director of sports, where he oversaw the 1960 Winter Olympic Games in Squaw Valley, California. These games were held less than a month after the NFL granted a franchise to Dallas.

2. With which team was Schramm previously associated prior to holding the position from question #1?

Schramm held several positions with the Los Angeles Rams, including publicity director, assistant director, and general manager.

3. Who recommended Schramm to Clint Murchison, Jr.?

George Halas of the Chicago Bears.

4. What job did Gil Brandt hold when he was hired by the Dallas franchise?

He was a baby photographer prior to joining the Cowboys.

5. What was Brandt’s first title with the team?

Player scouting director.

6. Along with Murchison, who was the other franchisee (co-owner) when Dallas was awarded an NFL franchise?

Bedford Wynne

7. Which two teams originally drafted Don Meredith?

The Chicago Bears of the NFL and the Dallas Texans of the AFL.

8. How did the Dallas franchise obtain the rights to Meredith?

Dallas traded future draft picks to the Chicago Bears for the rights to Meredith, who was taken in the third round by the Bears. The team then signed Meredith to a personal services contract, which was contingent on Dallas receiving a franchise.

9. On January 3, 1960, Meredith starred in what game?

Meredith starred in the East-West Shrine Game on that date. His nine-yard touchdown pass to Don Bass of the College of the Pacific won the game for the West.

10. True or False: Meredith originally agreed to a three-year, $100,000 per-year contract with an AFL team before backing out of the deal.

False. Meredith was reportedly offered this amount, but he immediately made it clear he would play in the NFL.

11. Shortly after Lamar Hunt and other owners announced the formation of the American Football League, Chicago’s George Halas in August 1959 announced that two cities would likely receive NFL franchises. Dallas was one city. What was the other?

The other city was Houston, which had not yet been offered an AFL franchise.

12. What did Hunt call the move announced by Halas?

Hunt referred to the move as “sabotage.”

13. Which franchise was Murchison interested in purchasing in 1952 but could not because he was out of the country?

Murchison wanted to buy the Dallas Texans before the franchise was sold to Carroll Rosenbloom, who moved the team to Baltimore to become the Colts. According to Dallas Cowboys Trivia Challenge by Gary Stratton and Robert Krug, Murchison was in South America at the time and was unable to buy the team. Peter Golenbock in Landry’s Boys, however, reported that Murchison asked NFL commissioner Bert Bell for a 24-hour grace period to study the team’s books. Bell refused the request and awarded Rosenbloom the franchise. Golenbock’s account is probably accurate.

14. Which current NFL franchise did Murchison try to purchase during the 1950s?

There are actually two- the Chicago Cardinals and the Washington Redskins.

15. At the NFL owners’ meeting in Miami in January 1960, four cities were in the running to receive an expansion team. In addition to Dallas, what were the other three cities?

The other three cities included Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and St. Louis. The Cardinals later that year moved from Chicago to St. Louis, and Minneapolis-St. Paul received an expansion team in 1961. Miami received an expansion team in the AFL in 1966.

16. Tom Landry succeeded which quarterback at the University of Texas in the late 1940s?

Bobby Layne.

17. Landry reportedly had at least three head coaching offers prior to accepting the job with the Cowboys. Which teams were interested in hiring him?

Three other teams included the Los Angeles Rams, who had just fired coach Sid Gillman; the Houston Oilers of the AFL, who eventually hired Lou Rymkus; and the Dallas Texans, who hired Hank Stram, a backfield coach with the University of Miami.

18. True or False: Landry served as a coach during a pro football game at the Cotton Bowl prior to his arrival as head coach of the Cowboys in 1960.

True. The New York Giants travelled to Dallas in August 1959 to play an exhibition game against the World Champion Baltimore Colts in the Cotton Bowl. Landry was still the defensive coach of the Giants at that time.

19. Landry was well-known as a businessman in Dallas before he was hired as the head coach of the Dallas franchise. What was his area of business during the offseason?

Landry sold insurance in Dallas during the off-seasons.

20. In December 1959, Dallas tried to obtain the rights to a halfback who chose instead to sign with the AFL’s Dallas Texans. Who was this player?

Abner Haynes.

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