50 Seasons Series: Best Moment of 1960

This post is part of the 50 Seasons in 50 Weeks Series.

For each season covered in this series, we will take a look at the
best plays and other moments during that year. Obviously, the 1960
season for the Dallas Cowboys did not feature many shining moments.
However, there were a few worth mentioning.

Moment #1: LeBaron and Doran Provide Fireworks in the Opening Game

Just two and a half minutes into the first regular season game in
Cowboys history against Pittsburgh, Eddie LeBaron hit end Jim Doran on
a 75-yard touchdown pass. A block by halfback Don McIlhenny helped to
spring Doran for the run after the catch.

Why this is noteworthy: Doran had two 100-yard games for
the Cowboys in 1960, including the game against the Steelers, which
helped him earn a Pro Bowl berth.

Moment #2: LeBaron Hits Clarke to Tie the Eagles in Week 2

LeBaron connected on his second long touchdown pass in as many
games during week 2 when he hit Frank Clarke on a 75-yarder that
allowed Dallas to tie Philadelphia in the second quarter.

Why this is noteworthy: Clarke was not a starter in 1960, but he
showed flashes that allowed him to develop into a solid player in the
team’s early history. The Eagles won the NFL title that season, so
managing to stay tied with Philadelphia in the second half was not a
small feat for the young Dallas team.

Moment #3: 2-Inch Pass Sets Record

In week 3 of the 1960 season, LeBaron hit **** Bielski on the shortest recorded pass play in NFL history: two inches.

Why this is noteworthy: Obviously, any NFL record is noteworthy. This one falls more on the side of infamous.

Moment #4: Another Long TD Pass to Clarke Nearly Beats 49ers

Clarke scored on the longest touchdown of the 1960 season, a
76-yard pass from LeBaron against San Francisco. The play gave Dallas a
14-9 lead, but that lead vanished quickly as Dallas fell, 26-14.

Why this is noteworthy: Clarke again showed his big-play ability on what the Dallas Morning News described as the Cowboys’ home run pass.

Moment #5: LeBaron Hits Billy Howton to Tie the Giants

With only 2:37 remaining in the game and the Cowboys trailing by
7, LeBaron hit receiver Billy Howton on an 11-yard slant pattern for a
touchdown, which tied the game at 31.

Why this is noteworthy: The Cowboys fought to a tie on the road
against the Giants, who had been an NFL power for several seasons. This
clutch play allowed Dallas to avoid an 0-12 season.


Here is your chance to vote on the best moment of the 1960 season for the Dallas Cowboys.

My Vote: Howton’s Catch

It’s tough not to go with Billy Howton’s catch against the Giants, given that the only really positive moment of the season was the tie at New York.