Polls: Best of the 1960s Dallas Cowboys


This post is part of the 50 Seasons in 50 Weeks Series.

We’ve reached the end of the first decade of the Dallas Cowboys. Below are three polls. The first asks which win was the greatest in team history. The second asks which player was the greatest offensive player. And the third asks which player was the greatest defensive player.

If you are having trouble seeing the results after making your vote, visit here to see the spreadsheet.

  • Considering we started w/o the benefit of a college draft in 1960, I think the Cowboys did very well in the 60s, although I wish they had done better.

    By comparison, look at the Vikings: they came into the NFL during the ’61 season (with a college draft). They made the playoffs in ’68 after eight seasons (it took the Cowboys seven years); they won the NFL in ’69 after nine seasons and appeared in SB IV (the Cowboys never won the old NFL, but won the NFC in ’70 after eleven seasons and appeared in SB V). Of course, the Cowboys won SB VI which the Vikings have never done.

    Even more impressive: the AFL Dolphins came into being in 1966. By 1970 (five seasons) they were in the playoffs, in the SB after six seasons and won it after seven.

    We came so close so many times, that we definitely earned the title of “Bridesmaid”.

  • I forgot the ’68 Bengals — they made the playoffs in their third season, 1970.

  • Landry certainly had to evolve as a coach. Using today’s standards, he would have never survived past 1963 or 1964 (maybe not even that far). The 1969 season must have really been disappointing– the two Super Bowl teams included the “other” Dallas team from the early part of the decade against the “other” expansion team from the early 1960s.

  • I think the 1960s decade helped forge a Cowboy fan base that was built on resilience vs the modern fan of today that demands results in return for loyalty. The Fans that watched the Cowboys suffer through the early part of the decade and then after tasting some success, suffered through playoff losses were rewarded handsomely during the 1970s. Fans appreciate winning far greater after tasting years of defeat. Than fans who know nothing but winning and jump from the bandwagon at the first sign of deteriation will never fully appreciate a Championship team. I hope Cowboy fans today realize this.

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