The Worst of the 1960s Dallas Cowboys


In addition to the bright spots of the 1960s Dallas Cowboys, there were plenty of lows. No need to spend much time on this, but below are a few summaries/polls regarding the worst aspects of the team during its first 10 years of existence.

Worst Draft

This blog has featured polls asking visitors to grade each of the Cowboys drafts (except for the collegiate draft of 1960 and the outstanding draft of 1964). Of the eight drafts that visitors graded, here were the three worst:

3rd worst: 1967. The selection of Rayfield Wright was not enough to save it from being one of the worst drafts of the decade.

2nd worst: 1963. The Cowboys hit on Lee Roy Jordan in 1963, but the other picks were duds.

Worst Draft of the 1960s: 1962. George Andrie was the highlight of the 1962 draft, which also featured a slew of players who never played for the Cowboys or who never played in the NFL.

We’ll begin with the 1970s tomorrow.

  • The Bobby Plummer pick nearly got my vote.. he even got a Topps card!