Late-Round Picks for the Cowboys: CB, S, TE, WR, K

The Cowboys were apparently concerned about adding depth and a bunch of special teamers in this draft. With seven picks in the final three rounds, the Cowboys took some backup-quality defensive backs, a potential third tight end, a potential slot receiver, and a 227-pound kicker.

5th round (143rd overall): DeAngelo Smith, CB, Cincinnati

The Cowboys must have loved the University of Cincinnati’s defense last year, because the Cowboys snapped up both of the Bearcats’ corners. Smith is supposed to be good in the zone and could be a nickel or dime corner.

5th round (166th overall): Michael Hamlin, S, Clemson

Not to be confused with the Dallas safety who forgot how to tackle last year, Michael Hamlin could join Ken Hamlin as a starter next season.

5th round (172nd overall): David Buehler, K, USC

The only guess about this pick that makes sense is that Buehler will serve as a kickoff specialist.

6th round (197th overall): Stephen Hodge, SS, TCU

Hodge was a special teams ace at TCU, so this may have been a decent pick.

6th round (208th overall): John Phillips, TE, Virginia

With Tony Curtis leaving for Kansas City, Phillips will have a chance to make the team as the third tight end.

7th round (227th overall): Mike Michens, CB, Cincinnati

Michens’ name was being thrown around much earlier than the 7th, for Dallas to get him here was great. Michens led the NCAA in interceptions last season.

7th round (229th overall): Manual Johnson, WR, Oklahoma

The Cowboys finally picked up a recevier in the 7th round. Johnson isn’t big, but he could turn out to be a quality slot receiver.

  • I’m not super crazy about the draft picks. It looks like they could all be a bunch of special teamers. My favorite pick was Mike Mickens in the 7th round. This guy was slated for 1st or 2nd round but got a severe ankle/leg injury late in the season. If he heals, could be a gem. Fingers crossed!