Cowboys Stomp Their Way Through 1977 Playoffs

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The Cowboys left the rest of the NFC in the dust during the 1977 regular season, and this domination continued in the playoffs. Dallas faced the upstart Chicago Bears, who made the playoffs for the first time since winning NFL Championship in 1963. After beating Chicago, Dallas crushed the Vikings, as the Cowboys earned their fourth trip to the Super Bowl during the 1970s.

Divisional Playoffs: Dallas 37, Chicago 7

The Cowboys raced out to a 17-0 halftime lead against the Bears, who never got on track. The Cowboys forced seven turnovers in the game and held Walter Payton to 60 rushing yards. By the time Chicago got on the board, Dallas led 37-0.

Box Score

DMN: Cowboys Belie Talk, Annihilate Bears

NFC Championship Game: Dallas 23, Minnesota 6

The Cowboys jumped out to a 16-6 halftime lead, but Dallas had not put the game away in the second half. The Cowboys were backed up need in their own territory, and the Vikings had forced a punt. At that point, Hollywood Henderson made the play of the game. Here’s the DMN description:

Danny White had to punt for Dallas out of the end zone and the Vikings
would get excellent field position with some five minutes remaining.
White sailed a high punt which the Vikings’ Manfred Moore fielded. Mark
Washington grabbed him and, as Moore tried to step over Washington,
Thomas Henderson, with a full head of steam crashed into him with a
shot heard around Texas Stadium on this very cold Sunday afternoon.
Moore appeared to be dead as the ball flew loose and Jay Saldi got it
and went nine more yards to the Viking 35.

And the video:

Tony Dorsett scored five plays later, giving the Cowboys a 23-6 lead.

Here is the postgame interview with Tom Landry:

Box Score

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  • Scott

    Was there ever a more dominant defense in the playoffs then the ’77 Cowboys? Here are the numbers: 7, 4, 8 for a total of 19 turnovers forced in 3 games. The ’92 Cowboys forced 15 in 3 games. Totally unreal…

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