Cowboys Win Second Title By Pounding Denver in SB XII

SuperBowlXII-19785.jpg This post is part of the 50 Seasons in 50 Weeks Series.

It is hard to believe that the result of Super Bowl XII would occur in today’s game. The Denver Broncos only managed eight pass completions for 61 yards. Dallas also registered four sacks and picked off Denver quarterback Craig Morton four times. Of the Broncos’ 61 passing yards, 21 came on a pass play from Morton to Haven Moses on a drive that went nowhere.

The only reason SB XII was close was because of Dallas mistakes. The Cowboys lost two fumbles and committed 12 penalties. Dallas even allowed more sacks than the Broncos, as Denver registered five sacks.

Nevertheless, once Robert Newhouse gave Roger Staubach’s injured finger a rest by throwing a touchdown pass to Golden Richards, the game was over. The Cowboys had their second Vince Lombardi trophy.

There are a ton of additional resources about this game. Here is a very good video clip of the game:

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