Cowboys Shut Out Rams to Advance to SB XIII


This post is part of the 50 Seasons in 50 Weeks Series.

The Dallas offense did enough to win the 1978 NFC Championship Game, but it was the defense that dominated the Rams. The Cowboys caused seven Los Angeles turnovers, including five interceptions, as Dallas advanced to Super Bowl XIII with a 28-0 win.

Both teams went scoreless in the first half. L.A. moved the ball in the first half, but Frank Corrall missed two field goal attempts. Dallas also missed a chance to score when Scott Laidlaw fumbled the ball in the second quarter.

Two Charlie Waters interceptions in the second half helped set up two touchdowns– a five-yard run by Tony Dorsett, and a four-yard pass from Roger Staubach to Laidlaw. Dallas extended the lead by scoring after recovering a Ram fumble later in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys wrapped up the scoring when Hollywood Henderson picked off a Vince Ferragamo pass and returned it 68 yards for a touchdown.

Here is a clip of the CBS postgame show:

Notice that Jimmy the Greek was pretty close. He predicted that the Steelers would pull out the win by about a field goal.

Speedy Dallas Ticketed for Fifth Trip (DMN)

Box Score

  • Tim Truemper

    Hey Matt–I’ve noticed the comments have gotten fewer. A bit of surprise to me given that the 77-78 Cowboys were two of the best teams ever. Thanks again for this series.

    As I noted for the Atlanta game, the defense was tremendous. It gave up 216 and 277 yards, respectively along with the sacks and turnovers too. The offense struggled but, as you will soon show, did much better in the SB.

  • krl97a

    This series is fantastic. I love going through those old DMN stories. This site has the best compilation of Cowboys history I’ve seen on the internet. Keep up the good work.

  • Matt Cordon

    Thanks for the comments and for continuing to read. I am going to pick up the pace on these, especially once we get into the mid- to late-80s.

  • Matt, I don’t always have a lot to say, but I do enjoy reading your articles. I think your pace so far has been just fine.

  • Mike Little

    Dallas was vastly better than everybody in 1977.They dominated from start to finish,and it wasn’t even a contest against Chicago,Minnesota,and Denver to take it all.DoomsdayII had the best front four in pro football.Roger had all the weapons now with T.Dorsett,and a real deep threat at receiver in Tony Hill.Another Super Bowl trophy for Coach Landry that should have been more in the 70’s.I won’t make excuses for the Cowboys not winning back to back,but they did eventually have a good regular season,and playoff run in 1978.I will comment after Matt has given us the dreaded Super Bowl XIII recap.By the way Matt,outstanding job again,and I really enjoy the clips you come up with.