Relative Value Rankings After Week 5

The Cowboys have had some turnover on their roster in the past week, which
affected the bottom of the relative value rankings. Miles Austin moved way up
for obvious reasons, while Martellus Bennett fell back.

Gone: CB Cletis Gordon, who was released to make room for returner Allen
Rossum. Thanks, as always, for those who participated in

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53. Duke Preston, C

Last week: 52

Poll rating: n/a

Preston was released by the Cowboys before the Kansas City game to make room
for running back Chauncey Washington. When Dallas released Washington, the
Cowboys resigned Preston.

52. Pat McQuistan, T

Last week: 51

Poll rating: n/a

vs. Kansas City: Inactive. He has not been active all season.

51. Montrae Holland, G

Last week: 50 Poll rating: n/a

vs. Kansas City: Inactive. He has not been active all season.

50. Stephen McGee, QB

Last week: 49

Poll rating: n/a

vs. Kansas City: Third quarterback. He has not been active all season.

49. Michael Hamlin, S

Last week: 48

Poll rating: n/a

vs. Kansas City: Inactive. He has not been active all season.

48. Curtis Johnson, LB

Last week: 46

Poll rating: n/a

vs. Kansas City: Inactive.

47. Kevin Ogletree, WR

Last week: 47

Poll rating: n/a

vs. Kansas City: Ogletree was active for the first time all season. He
returned four kickoffs for a 23-yard average. He fumbled one of the kickoffs out
of bounds.

46. Allen Rossum, KR

Last week: n/a

The Cowboys signed Rossum to return punts and kickoffs, which makes his
signing significant, given the team’s problems against Kansas City.

45. Cory Procter, C/G

Last week: 45

Poll rating: 1.75

vs. Kansas City: Proctor played on special teams but did not replace Andre

44. Jason Williams, LB

Last week: 44

Poll rating: 1.68

vs. Kansas City: Williams played on special teams but did not record a

43. Doug Free, T

Last week: 43

Poll rating: 1.68

vs. Kansas City: Free played on special teams.

The Landry Hat
thinks that Free might be a "budding elite tackle." Not sure
about that, but Adams continues to make mistakes.

42. John Phillips, TE

Last week: 42

Poll rating: 1.67

vs. Kansas City: Phillips played as a third tight end, as usual.

41. Jon Kitna, QB

Last week: 41

Poll rating: 2.35

vs. Kansas City: There continue to be calls to give Kitna a shot, but few
believe that Dallas will actually call upon Kitna to play without an injury to

40. Steve Octavien, LB

Last week: 40

Poll rating: 1.85

vs. Kansas City: Octavien recorded a tackle on special teams last week.

39. Bobby Carpenter, LB

Last week: 39

Poll rating: 1.65

vs. Kansas City: Carpenter recorded two defensive tackles along with an
assist, plus a special teams tackle.

38. L.P. Ladouceur, LS

Last week: 38

Poll rating: 2.95

vs. Kansas City: The snap on Nick Folk’s missed field goal looked good, so it
appears that Ladouceur did his job once again.

37. David Buehler, K

Last week: 37

Poll rating: 3.05

vs. Kansas City: Three of Buehler’s six kickoffs went into the end zone, and
one of those was downed for a touchback.

36. Victor Butler, LB

Last week: 29

Poll rating: 2.48

vs. Kansas City: Butler did not record a single tackle against Kansas City.
Since recording two sacks against Carolina, Butler has done nothing.

35. Junior Siavii, DT

Last week: 35

Poll rating: 2.00

vs. Kansas City: Siavii recorded one tackle and one assist against his former

34. Jason Hatcher, DE

Last week: 34

Poll rating: 2.14

vs. Kansas City: Hatcher recorded one assist against the Chiefs.

33. Stephen Bowen, DE

Last week: 32

Poll rating: 2.59

vs. Kansas City: Bowen recorded two tackles against the Chiefs while playing
on the defensive line rotation.

32. Alan Ball, CB

Last week: 36

Poll rating: 1.81

vs. Kansas City: Ball made three special teams tackles along with two
defensive tackles. It was his unnecessary roughness penalty that most will
remember, though.

31. Pat Watkins, S

Last week: 33

Poll rating: 2.43

vs. Kansas City: Watkins started in place of Gerald Sensabaugh. Watkins
recorded four tackles with an assist. He was the deep safety on the play where

30. Ken Hamlin, S

Last week: 30

Poll rating: 1.88

vs. Kansas City: He recorded three tackles with an assist. I did not see
Hamlin make any bad plays, but his 1.88 rating leaves him here.

29. Anthony Spencer, LB

Last week: 28

Poll rating: 2.24

vs. Kansas City: Until further notice, Spencer will be known as Almost
Anthony. He had two tackles and three quarterback hits, but he still has not
recorded a sack.

28. Martellus Bennett, TE

Last week: 23 Poll rating: 2.26 vs. Kansas City: Whereas Spencer is known as
Almost Anthony, Bennett should be known as Martellus Fa├žade, meaning "a false,
superficial, or artificial appearance or effect." Bennett did not have a
reception and has only four this year.

27. Gerald Sensabaugh, S

Last week: 27

Poll rating: 2.84

vs. Kansas City: Inactive with an injury.

26. Nick Folk, K

Last week: 21

Poll rating: 3.63

vs. Kansas City: Folk missed a 40-yard field goal, giving him two misses this
year. That is how many misses he had in 16 games in 2008.

25. Orlando Scandrick, CB

Last week: 26

Poll rating: 2.65

vs. Kansas City: Scandrick recorded one tackle playing in the nickel package.

24. Deon Anderson, FB

Last week: 25

Poll rating: 2.58

vs. Kansas City: The running game had some trouble, but nothing appeared to
be Anderson’s fault. He has only one reception for five yards this year.

23. Sam Hurd, WR

Last week: 24

Poll rating: 2.50

vs. Kansas City: Hurd caught one pass for 10 yards against the Chiefs. He
should have had a touchdown pass in the second quarter, but Romo’s pass went
through his hands.

22. Mike Jenkins, CB

Last week: 22

Poll rating: 3.19

vs. Kansas City: Jenkins had three tackles against the Chiefs. He did not
appear to have a bad game overall, but he was the defensive back covering Dwayne
Bowe on Bowe’s game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter. Jenkins made a good
play on Bowe in overtime.

21. Flozell Adams, T

Last week: 17

Poll rating: 2.75

vs. Kansas City: Yes, Adams has handled some good defensive ends, but his
penalties are just too much. He had a terrible game against Kansas City.

20. Patrick Crayton, WR

Last week: 18 Poll rating: 2.68 vs. Kansas City: He fumbled a punt. He got
lucky when officials called a play dead before he fumbled after a reception. He
dropped a pass. Four receptions for 44 yards did not make up for the errors.

19. Mat McBriar, P

Last week: 16 Poll rating: 4.07 vs. Kansas City: McBriar downed two punts
inside the 20, but when Dallas needed a big punt in overtime, he didn’t deliver.

18. Marc Columbo, T

Last week: 20 Poll rating: 3.33 vs. Kansas City: Columbo did not appear to
give up any big plays, though the line in general struggled. Tashard Choice’s
long touchdown in the third quarter went off left tackle.

17. Igor Olshansky, DE

Last week: 19 Poll rating: 2.78 vs. Kansas City: Olshansky is quiet, but he
has been effective for the most part given what he’s been asked to do. He had
three tackles with two assists last week.

16. Marcus Spears, DE

Last week: 15

Poll rating: 3.04

vs. Kansas City: Spears had two tackles against the Chiefs.

15. Felix Jones, RB

Last week: 11

Poll rating: 2.72

vs. Kansas City: My nicknames aren’t very original, of course, but Fragile
Felix has to stick.

14. Roy Williams, WR

Last week: 12

Poll rating: 2.41

vs. Kansas City: Had Roy played, Miles Austin did not have the game he had.
And there is little doubt that Williams could not have done what Austin did.

13. Tony Romo, QB

Last week: 13

Poll rating: 2.00

vs. Kansas City: Romo’s head was down for much of the game, and he looked
off. However, he threw for more than 350 yards for the second time this season,
so maybe this will lead to him getting his confidence back.

12. Miles Austin, WR

Last week: 31

Poll rating: 2.16

vs. Kansas City: If Austin had done anything since the Tampa Bay game, I’d
move him into the top 10 easily. The skeptic in me wants to go on One Shot
Wonder alert, but hopefully he can use his 10-reception, 250-yard performance as
a springboard.

11. Terence Newman, CB

Last week: 10

Poll rating: 2.79

vs. Kansas City: Teams almost certainly aren’t shying away from Newman. He’s
made a few big plays this year but doesn’t look like an elite corner right now.

10. Leonard Davis, G

Last week: 6

Poll rating: 3.50

vs. Kansas City: Davis gave up a sack in the second quarter.

9. Andre Gurode, C

Last week: 5

Poll rating: 3.44

vs. Kansas City: Gurode was questionable but played. He might have been to
blame when Romo fumbled the ball in the second quarter.

8. Kyle Kosier, G

Last week: 4

Poll rating: 3.71

vs. Kansas City: Kosier did not appear to have a bad game, but he was called
for holding penalty that negated a 16-yard run by Barber early in the game.

7. Tashard Choice, RB

Last week: 14

Poll rating: 3.57

vs. Kansas City: Choice should have been in the game throughout the fourth
quarter and overtime (probably earlier). He gained 92 yards on only eight

6. Bradie James, LB

Last week: 8

Poll rating: 3.70

vs. Kansas City: James had seven tackles against the Chiefs. Brooking is
showing that he is a team leader, but James is still making plays.

5. Keith Brooking, LB

Last week: 9

Poll rating: 4.07

vs. Kansas City: Hard not to like this guy. He recorded a team-high eight
tackles with three assists and a sack.

4. Marion Barber, RB

Last week: 2

Poll rating: 3.83

vs. Kansas City: Barber looked hurt against the Chiefs. Applaud his courage,
but Choice should have seen more action than Barber.

3. DeMarcus Ware, LB

Last week: 3

Poll rating: 3.14

vs. Kansas City: Ware finally recorded a sack, registering two against Kansas
City. He still doesn’t look dominant.

2. Jason Witten, TE

Last week: 1

Poll rating: 3.79

vs. Kansas City: Five receptions, 47 yards. Witten has caught quite a few
passes on first and second down, but he is not making many third-down catches.

1. Jay Ratliff, NT

Last week: 7

Poll rating: 3.85

vs. Kansas City: It would be nice to have a bigger nose tackle, but the
Cowboys have a nose tackle who hurdled a center on a blocked field goal. Wow. He
won’t last in the top position, but he was very good against Kansas City.

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