Relative Value Rankings After Week 11

Dallas has had two consecutive poor performances on offense, so the rankings
of the offensive players had to take a hit. One player taking a dive this week:
WR Roy Williams. Two others were running backs Felix Jones and Tashard Choice.
On the other hand, Martellus Bennett jumped up a few spots.

On defense, the team has shown improvement in nearly every area. Anthony
Spencer had another very solid game and rose in the rankings as a result. The
top player for the week is perhaps a bit of a surprise.

The Cowboys released kick returner Allen Rossum this week and replaced him
with cornerback Cletis Gordon. Thus, Rossum falls off the relative value ranking

53. Cletis Gordon, CB

Last week: n/a

Poll rating: n/a

vs. Washington: This is Gordon’s second appearance on the Cowboys’ roster,
with him appearing in the week 5 win over Kansas City.

52. Duke Preston, C

Last week: 52

Poll rating: 1.40

vs. Washington: Inactive.

51. Montrae Holland, G

Last week: 50

Poll rating: 1.40

vs. Washington: Inactive.

50. Stephen McGee, QB

Last week: 49

Poll rating: 1.50

vs. Washington: Third quarterback.

49. Jason Williams, LB

Last week: 48

Poll rating: 1.70

vs. Washington: Inactive. He still has not played since week 5.

48. Curtis Johnson, LB

Last week: 45

Poll rating: 1.50

vs. Washington: After being active for two weeks, Johnson was inactive
against the Redskins.

47. Michael Hamlin, S

Last week: 46

Poll rating: 1.70

vs. Washington: Hamlin was active for the first time of his career against
the Redskins. He did not record a tackle.

46. Pat McQuistan, T

Last week: 51

Poll rating: 1.40

vs. Washington: McQuistan finally made the active roster. He filled in for
Doug Free on special teams.

45. Steve Octavien, LB

Last week: 47

Poll rating: 1.60

vs. Washington: Octavien picked up a special teams tackle against the

44. Jon Kitna, QB

Last week: 44

Poll rating: 2.00

vs. Washington: Backup quarterback. Even with Romo being banged up, Kitna
still has not stepped on the field.

43. Cory Procter, C/G

Last week: 43

Poll rating: 2.00

vs. Washington: Backup lineman who plays on special teams.

42. Jason Hatcher, DE

Last week: 41

Poll rating: 2.20

vs. Washington: Hatcher did not record a tackle against the Redskins.

41. John Phillips, TE

Last week: 40

Poll rating: 2.20

vs. Washington: Third tight end. He did not have a reception but was targeted
on one play early in the fourth quarter.

40. Victor Butler, LB

Last week: 39

Poll rating: 2.20

vs. Washington: Butler recorded a tackle and an assist against the Redskins.

39. L.P. Ladouceur, LS

Last week: 38

Poll rating: 3.00

vs. Washington: The snap on Nick Folk’s missed field goal appeared to be
fine. Ladouceur just keeps doing his job.

38. Junior Siavii, DT

Last week: 42

Poll rating: 2.00

vs. Washington: Siavii had two tackles and an assist in his most active game
on paper.

37. Kevin Ogletree, WR

Last week: 36

Poll rating: 2.50

vs. Washington: Ogletree has been good for a few WR screen passes, but he has
not proven that he can catch the ball downfield. Moreover, he does very little
on special teams, especially compared with Sam Hurd and Pat Watkins.

36. Sam Hurd, WR

Last week: 35

Poll rating: 1.90

vs. Washington: Hurd recorded one special teams tackle against the Redskins.
He was not targeted on a single pass.

35. Deon Anderson, FB

Last week: 34

Poll rating: 2.70

vs. Washington: Not to be so harsh about Anderson, but he really isn’t much
more valuable than John Phillips. Anderson has shown the ability to catch the
ball in the past, but he is never used in the passing game.

34. David Buehler, K

Last week: 31

Poll rating: 2.70

vs. Washington: Buehler’s job is to kick the ball into the end zone. He did
so on one opportunity, but his kick to open the game was a line drive that Devin
Thomas returned 38 yards.

33. Pat Watkins, S

Last week: 37

Poll rating: 2.10

vs. Washington: Watkins recorded a tackle on defense and another tackle on
special teams. He earned a game ball at

Blogging the Boys

32. Stephen Bowen, DE

Last week: 32

Poll rating: 3.10

vs. Washington: The unsung hero against the Redskins? That would be Stephen
Bowen, who tipped Jason Campbell’s pass that Anthony Spencer picked off to seal
the win.

31. Nick Folk, K

Last week: 27

Poll rating: 2.70

vs. Washington: A special teams player is certainly a thankless job. But when
your field goal kicker’s misses hurt the team’s momentum in two consecutive
games, the kicker’s relative value has to suffer.

30. Roy Williams, WR

Last week: 24

Poll rating: 1.90

vs. Washington: Granted, the passes to Williams haven’t been great, but the
guy just isn’t impressing anyone. Against the Redskins: 0 Rec., 0 Yds., 0.0
Ave., 0 TD.

29. Marc Colombo, T

Last week: 23

Poll rating: 3.42

vs. Washington: Colombo is going to have to fall a bit as long as he is
injured. There was not a huge dropoff between Colombo and Doug Free.

28. Alan Ball, S

Last week: 29

Poll rating: 2.30

vs. Washington: Ball filled in for Ken Hamlin at free safety. Ball did not
make any major mistakes, though he missed a couple of tackles, including a big
miss on Rock Cartwright on a big run in the second quarter. Ball finished the
game with two solos and an assist.

27. Ken Hamlin, S

Last week: 25

Poll rating: 2.30

vs. Washington: Hamlin missed the game with an ankle injury. His absence was

26. Bobby Carpenter, LB

Last week: 28

Poll rating: 2.80

vs. Washington: Carpenter continues to make plays as a nickel linebacker. He
had three total tackles against the Redskins.

25. Orlando Scandrick, CB

Last week: 26

Poll rating: 2.10

vs. Washington: Scandrick had five tackles and an assist. He made a great
play in the second quarter to break up a pass to Malcolm Kelly on a play that
would have given Washington the ball in field goal range. On the other hand,
teams appear to pick on Scandrick on third-down plays a little bit too often. On
the same drive, Scandrick had trouble covering Santana Moss on a third down
play, and the pass to Moss set up the Redskins’ first field goal.

24. Martellus Bennett, TE

Last week: 30

Poll rating: 2.00

vs. Washington: For much of the game, Bennett appeared to be the Cowboys’
best weapon. He caught three passes for 43 yards.

23. Doug Free, T

Last week: 33

Poll rating: 2.82

vs. Washington: Free had a solid game against Washington. He missed a block
on Andre Carter late in the game, but otherwise, he appeared to do a good job.

22. Tashard Choice, RB

Last week: 18

Poll rating: 3.00

vs. Washington: Choice deserves more carries than Jones, but Choice isn’t
being used. He had one carry for one yard against the Redskins.

21. Marcus Spears, DE

Last week: 22

Poll rating: 2.67

vs. Washington: Spears had two assists against the Redskins.

20. Felix Jones, RB

Last week: 19

Poll rating: 2.58

vs. Washington: He had a pretty good opening kickoff return. After that…?

19. Igor Olshansky, DE

Last week: 21

Poll rating: 3.08

vs. Washington: Olshansky had two solos and an assist against the Redskins.
One of his tackles in the third quarter resulted in a two-yard loss.

18. Flozell Adams, T

Last week: 17

Poll rating: 3.08

vs. Washington: Adams had a pretty quiet game against the Redskins, though he
was called for holding in the second quarter.

17. Mat McBriar, P

Last week: 15

Poll rating: 3.58

vs. Washington: McBriar only averaged 37.0 yards on six punts, but three of
those punts were downed inside the 20.

16. Kyle Kosier, G

Last week: 13

Poll rating: 2.67

vs. Washington: Kosier has not done very much to set himself apart during the
past few weeks. When the team gets a good push, it is more likely to come from
Andre Gurode and Leonard Davis rather than Kosier.

15. Patrick Crayton, WR

Last week: 16

Poll rating: 2.67

vs. Washington: Crayton had only one reception, but it was huge as it won the
game for the Cowboys. Crayton had only one punt return, but he managed to gain
13 yards on it.

14. Bradie James, LB

Last week: 11

Poll rating: 3.58

vs. Washington: James had four tackles and four assists. He has taken a back
seat to Keith Brooking in terms of playmaking, but James has been solid.

13. Jason Witten, TE

Last week: 10

Poll rating: 3.58

vs. Washington: Witten had a typical game: 5 rec., 43 yards. This is the
sixth time in 10 games that Witten has had exactly five receptions.

12. Andre Gurode, C

Last week: 14

Poll rating: 3.08

vs. Washington: The Cowboys managed a few nice runs up the middle, and the
Redskins also weren’t able to get much pressure on Romo from the center or guard
position. However, the Redskins were missing Albert Haynesworth, so that had to
make Gurode’s job a bit easier.

11. Leonard Davis, G

Last week: 12

Poll rating: 3.25

vs. Washington: Davis had a false-start penalty. He also gave up a sack early in the fourth quarter when Cornelius Griffin collapsed the pocket by running right through Davis. Davis otherwise had a solid game, as the Cowboys found room to run up the middle.

10. Anthony Spencer, LB

Last week: 20

Poll rating: 3.67

vs. Washington: "Almost Anthony" didn’t have a sack, but he hurried Campbell,
made some key tackles in the run game, and then made the game-clinching
interception in the fourth quarter.

9. Gerald Sensabaugh, S

Last week: 8

Poll rating: 4.00

vs. Washington: Rather surprisingly, Sensabaugh only had one assist and no
solo tackles.

8. Terence Newman, CB

Last week: 9

Poll rating: 3.92

vs. Washington: None of the Redskins’ receivers hurt the Cowboys, and that
was thanks largely to Newman’s play. He only really bad play occurred in the
first quarter, when Devin Thomas got behind Newman after Campbell had escaped a
pass. Newman and secondary coach Dave Campo had a bit of an argument after the
series, and this was probably a result of the third-down play. Newman also
committed a costly penalty in the first quarter when he was called for illegal

7. Mike Jenkins, CB

Last week: 7

Poll rating: 4.17

vs. Washington: Jenkins was just as effective as Newman in shutting down
Santana Moss et al. That said, Jenkins’ illegal contact penalty in the fourth quarter on a third down play could have been very costly had the Redskins made their field goal attempt.

6. Miles Austin, WR

Last week: 4

Poll rating: 3.08

vs. Washington: Austin came up with some big catches late, but he had been
quiet for far too long in two consecutive games.

5. Marion Barber, RB

Last week: 5

Poll rating: 3.31

vs. Washington: Barber ran hard, picking up 99 yards on 20 carries. His
fumble in the first quarter was costly, though. He also missed a block on a fourth down play in the fourth quarter, which led to Romo’s interception.

4. Tony Romo, QB

Last week: 3

Poll rating: 3.62

vs. Washington: Romo didn’t fold in the fourth quarter, marching team down
for the game-winning score. It might not have come down to that final drive if
Romo were a little more accurate on his throws, which were too frequently off

3. DeMarcus Ware, LB

Last week: 2

Poll rating: 4.62

vs. Washington: Ware had a solo tackle and three assists. He was also near
Campbell on several plays and just missed recording a sack.

2. Jay Ratliff, NT
Last week: 1

Poll rating: 4.69

vs. Washington: Ratliff had one assist and one quarterback hurry against the
Redskins. It was a rather quiet game for him, though he was also double-teamed
on several plays.

1. Keith Brooking, LB

Last week: 6

Poll rating: 4.08

vs. Washington: Brooking is playing out of his mind. On the first drive of
the game, he stopped Ladell Betts cold at the line of scrimmage, holding the
Redskins to a three-and-out. He finished the game with four tackles, four
assists, a sack, and three hits on Campbell. He would have had another sack, but
a penalty on Terence Newman negated the play.

  • T2

    Why do you rank a player in the 29th that can’t play for 6+ weeks and his backup did a servicable job…he has a lot less value than Stephen Bowen or Pat Watkins.

  • I debated how far to drop Colombo. I want to see Free perform in more than one game before dropping Colombo too far off the list, but I think it will be a moot point because I tend to doubt that Colombo returns.

  • Check out the Dallas Cowboys behind-the-scenes “Mantra” piece that premiered on the Diamondvision as the ‘Boys took the field for warmups last weekend.