A Potentially Depressing Playoff Picture for the Cowboys

165If yesterday’s loss to the Giants wasn’t bad enough, consider this:

The Cowboys could rather easily go from being division leaders to being a
team barely holding on to a playoff spot.


(1) The Cowboys lose to the Chargers, causing the Cowboys to fall to 8-5; and

(2) The Giants beat the Eagles, making both teams 8-5; and

(3) The Packers beat the Bears, making the Packers 9-4.


The Packers will have the inside track for the first wildcard spot. Moreover,
the Packers hold the tiebreaker over the Cowboys thanks to Green Bay’s win over

The Giants would lead the NFC East, thanks to a 4-1 division record.

The Cowboys would still have the #6 spot in the NFC, thanks to the win
earlier this year over the Eagles. But consider this: the Cowboys have to play
the Saints in week 15, while the Eagles face San Francisco.

The bottom line is that Dallas has four must-win games coming up. A 10-6
record is probably not good enough to make the playoffs.

  • Mike Little

    I understand the frustration,but take a quick look at last year.Dallas GAVE the Steelers a game in December,and the Cards won 2 games in December to “roll” into the playoffs.Is it better to be winning 4 or 5 in a row?Of course,but seriously,did the above mentioned really have the wow factor as Superbowl juggernauts?Please,give me a break in a watered down leauge about this season being over.Except for the Colts&Saints everybody else including our Cowboys are still on the same page.Let’s see what we do against San Diego,and go from there.Stay classy Dallas.

  • Daniel Watson

    I have been a dallas cowboy fan for as long as i can remember. I am sick and tired of people blaming wade phillips and the coaching staff. Players play and coaches coach. Coaches don’t drop balls, miss blocks allowing Romo to get sacked. We are a great team and december is just another month for all those cowboy fans that are down talking the boys you aint fans you are bandwagoners i won’t even watch the super bowl or the playoffs if the boys don’t make it in. My team is the boys and they will do good, all you haters keep hating but you will see saints and chargers are going down. Just watch………GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!