Cowboys are the NFL’s Winningest Franchise

I may be the only one who is interested in this (covered here and here recently), but the Cowboys finished 50 regular seasons with the best winning percentage of any team in the league. This was thanks to the Cowboys’ win over the Eagles and the Dolphins’ loss to Pittsburgh in the final week of the 2009 season.

The Cowboys have won a higher percentage of games than any other NFL team.

Here are the top five franchises, including the Cowboys’ opponent on Sunday:

Dallas Cowboys: 434-314-6 (.580)
Miami Dolphins: 387-281-4 (.579)
Chicago Bears: 693-507-42 (.577)
Green Bay Packers: 654-518-36 (.558)
Minnesota Vikings: 407-326-9 (.555)

With the Cowboys’ playoff berth, Dallas tied the New York Giants with the most seasons in the playoffs. This is pretty good, given that the Giants were formed in 1925 and the Cowboys were not born until 1960.

Most years in the playoffs:

1(tie). Cowboys: 30
1(tie). Giants: 30
3. Browns: 28
4. Rams: 27
5(tie). Vikings 25
5(tie). Packers 25
5(tie). Steelers 25

With their win over the Eagles, the Cowboys improved their playoff record to 33-24. Since the NFL/AFL merger in 1970, the Cowboys and Steelers have won the most games during the divisional round of the playoffs, with each team winning 14. The Cowboys improved their record in wildcard games to 5-5.


    what a bunch of BS…steelers have a better record, you want to split hairs with percentage…pfft

  • Anonymous

    The point was that the Cowboys, Dolphins, and Bears have had the highest winning percentage. The Steelers have had 38 seasons out of 68 during which they had a .500 record or below. Granted, Pittsburgh has won the most Super Bowls, but that wasn’t the point of this post. The Steelers haven’t won as many total games as the Bears, Packers, Giants, or Redskins, nor have the Steelers won as many NFL championships as the Packers, Bears, Browns, or Giants.