50 Seasons Series: Final Thoughts on the ’84 Season

The 1984 season might have been more acceptable had it been a rebuilding season. However, that was hardly the case. The Silver Season demonstrated that the Cowboys’ remaining stars were getting older, and few of the younger players looked as if they were capable to stepping up.

The Cowboys lost more veterans after the 1984 season, including lineman Herb Scott and middle linebacker Bob Breunig. As for the MLB position, talk about stability—between 1960 and 1984, the team had only four middle linebackers, including Jerry Tubbs, Lee Roy Jordan, Breunig, and Eugene Lockhart. The latter started several games in 1984 and took over for Breunig for most of the rest of the 1980s.

The ’84 team featured three Pro Bowlers, including veterans Randy White and Doug Cosbie. The third became a staple of the Cowboys for many years to come—Bill Bates that season became the first player to earn a Pro Bowl berth based on his fearless play on special teams.

The changing of the guard in the NFC wasn’t immediate, but several teams were on the rise that year. Dallas managed to beat the Bears in 1984, but Chicago turned around and made a playoff run featuring a win at Washington. And the Cowboys were swept by a Giant team for the first time in two decades.

Anyway, before you solve the puzzle below, imagine the last person you might expect to hold an ’84 Cowboys jersey. Have fun.

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