It May Be Snowing in Hades: Cowboys Trade Up to Take WR Bryant

Dez Bryant is heading to Dallas.

There have been rumors on the past few weeks that receiver Dez Bryant could fall to the Cowboys in the draft, even though the Cowboys held the 27th overall pick. The chances were along the lines of a snowball’s chance in hell, given that the Cowboys still need to sign Miles Austin to a long-term deal and still have the costly bust known as Roy Williams.

Rumors that the Cowboys would move up to take safety Earl Thomas were more believable, but those rumors were largely squashed by team sources last night. By the time the 24th pick (held by the Patriots) came up, Bryant was still there. The Cowboys exchanged the #27 (1st round) and #90 (3rd round) picks for the Patriots’ picks at #24 and #119 (4th round).

It will be very interesting to see how the Cowboys handle the using the trio of Austin, Bryant, and Williams, along with other returning receivers and the Jason Witten. This, of course, assumes that the team keeps Williams, who told ESPN:

“If all goes well, not trying to talk noise, but if all goes well, we’ll have the best wide receiving corps in the league. Dez is a big dude, he can play. He will help us win some ballgames.”

Here are some of Bryant’s Oklahoma State highlights:

Fair to say that he catches the ball in traffic pretty well. I think this is a great move.

  • Time for me to man-up and admit once again how much I’ve ragged Jerry-the-GM over the years, but I RELLAY like this move & pick.

    I’m hoping Dez has a productive career with the Cowboys. I’m seeing reports that he will be assigned #88– no pressure there, right?

  • I’m not sure my title fits, but when I heard Bryant’s name in the past couple of months, I kept thinking, “It will be a cold day in hell before Jerry makes a move to get a receiver in the first.” Not only did Jerry make the move to get a receiver, but he may have taken the best one in the draft, and all it cost was a third for a fourth.

  • Mike Little

    Not any more than Mike Irvin had to fill a guy named Drew Pearson’s #88 shoes.Winners like those guys like pressure.Will Dez?Time will tell.Show of hands.Who feels warm,and fuzzy over Doug Free protecting Romo’s blind side?

  • Isaac Holt

    I cannot raise my my hand as I do not feel warm and fuzzy about Doug Free. Can Roy E Williams block DE’s?

  • Mr. Mulligan

    I liked that sound of, “Touchdown, Cowboys!” though it was the wrong team. 🙂

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    If so, what’s your feedback?

  • I’ve seen that site before. Lots of links, but it is a bit cluttered (not that my site is the model for blog layouts).