7th Round: Cowboys Take DT Sean Lissemore

7th round pick Sean Lissemore

With their final pick in the 2010 draft, the Cowboys picked up a defensive tackle from William and Mary named Sean Lissemore. Not knowing anything about Lissemore, I used my “insider” subscription at ESPN.com to learn more. Turns out that ESPN doesn’t know much more than me, except that he was projected as a free agent prospect.

The best scouting report I could find came from a Jacksonville Jaguars blog. Here is the summary:

One of the more popular of the William & Mary recruits is defensive tackle Sean Lissemore. Lissemore has to be one of the only, if not the only, defensive tackle to enter a draft as a former track star in high school. His 11.20 seconds in the 100m made him one of the best sprinters in New Jersey. A high school linebacker at 6’3, 240 pounds, Lissemore has since gained 50+ pounds yet managed to keep his linebacker speed. His 4.83 40 yard dash would have placed him among the fastest DTs at the combine if he had received an invite.

With all that speed, the next, logical step is to question his strength. His 36 reps on the bench press would have earned him third amongst the defensive lineman at the combine. His 30 inch vertical is very respectable for anybody near the 300 pound weight range. Clearly Lissemore is an athlete with the necessary NFL measurables.

At 298 pounds, Lissemore is not the big nose guard that many Cowboys fans want. It is possible, though, that he could continue to get bigger.

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