Cowboys’ Anniversaries Haven’t Been Great

The Cowboys this week unveiled the logo for the 50th anniversary season. Here it is:

You might recall that the last two anniversary seasons didn’t take place 10 and 25 years ago, respectively. Instead, the Cowboys celebrated their Silver Season in 1984 and their 40th anniversary in 1999. Both of those seasons screamed MEDIOCRITY!, so here’s hoping that by moving the 50th celebration from the 50th season to the 50th annual year will have better returns.

Below are the emblems used in the previous anniversaries.

The Cowboys missed the playoffs for the first time in a decade during the Silver Season of 1984.

For some reason, the team felt it appropriate to celebrate team's 40th season in 1999. The team finished at 8-8, slipping undeservedly into the playoffs before getting knocked out.

Here’s a question for the older-timers than me: Did the Cowboys celebrate their 10th anniversary in either 1969 or 1970? I’ve gone through my books, and I don’t see any reference to a celebration. Neither of those seasons were bad, though both were marred by postseason failures.

  • Matt, I don’t recall the Cowboys doing anything specifically to celebrate their tenth season / anniversary in either 1969 or 1970.

    However, the pre-merger NFL did celebrate its 50th season as a League in 1969, and all NFL teams wore a patch depicting an NFL shield with “50” on it. The NFL also released a book-LP combo in 1969 called “The First 50 Years”. Recall the NFL also celebrated its 75th season in 1994 (again with an obligatory book release). Both the ’69 and ’94 seasons ended in playoff losses for the Cowboys.

    Actually, 1999 was indeed the Cowboys’ 40th season, but not their 40th anniversary, so the 1999-40th patch is incorrect in its usage of the term “anniversary”.

  • cowboy joe

    celebrating the 25th in 1984 and the 40th in 1999 is correct those were the 25th and 40th seasons of them playing ,the 50th should have been celebrated last season cuz it was there 50th season just like new england did ,im still confused on why we are celebrating the 50th season during the actual 51st season played , my guess is the new stadium got in the way and this way both can be celebrated in their own year , remember 1960-2010 is 50 if your talking birth years but playing in 1960 makes last season the 50th