1992 Review: Cowboys Continue to Stockpile Talent

The Cowboys found a leader with second-round pick Darren Woodson of Arizona State.

Not everyone was convinced that the Cowboys were ready for a championship heading into 1992, but the 1992 draft certainly helped. The team focused heavily on defensive backs, taking seven with the team’s overall 15 picks.  Dallas did not enjoy success with its picks in the later rounds, but the team found starters with four of the first five picks.

Highlighting the draft was the selection of Arizona State strong safety Darren Woodson, whom the Cowboys took with the 37th overall pick in the second round. Woodson not only had good size for a safety at 217 pounds, but he also recorded a 4.3 in the 40 on grass. It would take a couple of years before he moved into the starting role for good, but he became one of the franchise’s best players over the next decade.

Dallas made a number of trades on draft day, trying to convert two first-round picks into three. However, their effort to grab Miami University safety Darryl Williams, who wound up in Cincinnati. Dallas still managed to pick up cornerback Kevin Smith of Texas A&M as well as East Carolina linebacker Robert Jones, both of whom wound up starting during their rookie seasons.

Dallas went with a receiver in the second by taking Jackson State’s Jimmy Smith, who suffered through an injury-plagued career in Dallas before having a long career in Jacksonville. Dallas also found a part-time starter in the third round by taking cornerback Clayton Holmes.

Here is a complete list:

1(17) Kevin Smith, CB, Texas A&M
1(24) Robert Jones, LB, East Carolina
2(36) Jimmy Smith, WR, Jackson State
2(37) Darren Woodson, DB, Arizona State
3(58) Clayton Holmes, DB, Carson-Newman
3(82) James Brown, T, Virginia State
4(109) Tom Myslinski, G, Tennessee
5(120) Greg Briggs, DB, Texas Southern
5(121) Ron Milstead, G, Delaware State
6(149) Fallon Wacasey, TE, Tulsa
9(248) Nate Kirtman, DB, Pomona-Pitzer
9(250) Chris Hall, DB, East Carolina
10(275) John Terry, G, Livingstone
11(302) Tim Daniel, WR, Florida A&M
12(317) Don Harris, DB, Texas Tech

Brown, Myslinski, and Milstead wound up starting for other teams, but none ever played for the Cowboys. Hall saw action in one game for Dallas in 1993, while Briggs eventually made the team in 1995.

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  • Jason Neighbors

    Actually, didn’t Myslinski end up playing for us a few games under Campo? That year we had the unholy rash of OL injuries, including signing a guy the week of a game, he ends up having to play, and then he has a freakin’ heart attack after the game (sigh)Against the Cardinals, I think. What a year that was- 2002 wasn’t it?

    Or maybe Myslinski was on the roster earlier than that under Gaily?

  • Good call on Myslinski. He played for Washington, Buffalo, Chicago, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis before finally playing in 10 games in 1999 for Dallas. He even started to games, according to P-F-R.