1992 Review: Landry’s Cowboys on the 1992 Super Bowl Team

Tom Landry was inducted into the Ring of Honor in 1993.

In the America’s Game special on the 1992 Cowboys, Michael Irvin says that one of his first moves when Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson took over the team was to inform the two of players who were performing under Tom Landry simply to earn a paycheck.

By the time the Cowboys had won Super Bowl XXVII, only nine players who were on one of Tom Landry’s roster remained on the team. These players include:

G Kevin Gogan (8th round, 1987)
WR Michael Irvin (1st round, 1988)
DE Jim Jeffcoat (1st round, 1983)
LB Ken Norton (2nd round, 1988)
G Nate Newton (Free agent, 1986)
WR Kelvin Martin (4th round, 1987)
P Mike Saxon (Free agent, 1985)
T Mark Tuinei (Free agent, 1983)
S Bill Bates (Free agent, 1983)

Not a bad list. Of these players, Irvin and Tuinei were starters. Jeffcoat had lost his job to Charles Haley earlier in the season, though Jeffcoat continued to play an important role as a backup in the defensive line rotation. Gogan was a starter at guard in 1991 and 1993, but he only started one game in 1992. Martin was the team’s slot receiver.  Saxon was out as the team’s punter after the 1992 season.

Bates, of course, did not play in SB XXVII because he had been injured for most of the 1992 season. Because he came back, I included him. On the other hand, Danny Noonan was on the team to begin the 1992 season, but he was released after two games. Thus, I left him off.

So, anyway…

Here is the America’s Game clip for the 1992 Cowboys.

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  • Dean


    Don’t forget the Gentle Giant!

  • Thanks, Dean. Very dumb mistake on my part.

  • Dean

    I know you knew that….it happens bro, great site – wonderful information – you are a true Cowboys fan….

  • Great Site! Nate Newton was also Landrys.

  • Also Ken Norton and I believe Vinson Smith

  • Jason Neighbors

    I’ve always wondered since I heard Irvin say that who exactly he was referring, too. Any guesses by who didn’t return to the ’89 roster?
    Kevin Brooks, Steve DeOssie, Garth Jax, Daryle Smith, Glen Titensor? Maybe even Michael Downs at that point in his career (although I hope not)? Pelluer? (though there were plenty of other reasons to let him walk, heh)
    I’ve always kind of wondered about Hercshel Walker’s commitment, too. I wonder if he could have been one of those “just think about the check guys”. After all, he did go to an inferior league for the money, but then again so did a lot of other guys. Still, I think it was more than just the potential draft picks that prompted the JJs to shop Hercshel.

  • Thanks for the comment, Len. I really botched this one– no excuses. Originally, the post was going to focus on the America’s Game clip, but then I started thinking about Irvin’s comment. I just did a poor job of thinking through the players left over from before ’89. I don’t know what I was thinking for Norton or Newton. Smith didn’t play for the Cowboys until 1990, though.

  • No problem,thanks for the confirmation on V. Smith.