1993 Review: Jimmy Johnson Runs His Final Draft for the Cowboys

Times were still happy during the 1993 offseason.

Between 1977 and 1992, the NFL Draft consisted of 12 rounds. In 1993, the league reduced the number to eight rounds.

With the Cowboys holding the final pick in the first round, Dallas pulled off a trade with the Packers. Dallas exchanged its first- and fourth-round picks for two second-round picks, a fourth-round pick, and an eighth-round pick.

With those two second rounders, Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones focused on two players from the University of Miami: wide receiver Kevin Williams and linebacker Darrin Smith. Williams replaced Kelvin Martin as the team’s slot receiver and punt returner, while Smith’s speed helped him to develop into a starter during his rookie season in 1993.

Dallas found some quality players in the later rounds, including safety Brock Marion. However, most of these players had better success with other teams later in their careers. Here is the complete draft for the Cowboys:

2(46) Kevin Williams, WR, Miami
2(54) Darrin Smith, LB, Miami
3(84) Mike Middleton, DB, Indiana
4(94) Derrick Lassic, RB, Alabama
4(96) Ron Stone, G, Boston College
6(168) Barry Minter, LB, Tulsa
7(196) Brock Marion, DB, Nevada-Reno
8(203) Dave Thomas, DB, Tenneseee
8(213) Reggie Givens, LB, Penn State

Lassic replaced Emmitt Smith to begin the 1993 season, which turned out to be Lassic’s only NFL season.  Marion became a starter with the Cowboys before becoming a Pro Bowl player in Miami. Dave Thomas became a starter with Jacksonville, while Ron Stone became a Pro Bowl player with the Giants and 49ers. Minter never played for the Cowboys but became a starter for the Bears.

Given that the Cowboys had so much talent already, this was a good draft. Williams had several good moments, and Smith was a solid starter for four years in Dallas.

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  • Chet L Swing

    I love the Cowboys.

  • Mike Little

    Jimmy has stated that he planned to only be here five years,and then he would be ready to move on.If that really is the case,then why would he bother with the headache of running a draft if he wasn’t going to be here anyway?Show of hands.How many of you say the Cowboys would have been a 3-peat had Mr. Jimmy stayed?I’ll start by raising mine.

  • Mike, what I’ve always thought is that the Cowboys may very well have repeated in 1994 under Jimmy. This assumes a lot, though. Dallas didn’t end strong in ’94 as it had in ’92 and ’93, and perhaps Jimmy could have had better success. It’s also possible that the Cowboys could have won home field advantage by beating the 49ers under Jimmy. Then again, I don’t see what Jimmy does to avoid Emmitt’s hamstring injury, which severely limited him in the playoffs.

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy Johnson had some great times with the Dallas Cowboys.  NFL Tickets