1993 Review: Cowboys Overpower Bills in Super Bowl XXVIII

Emmitt Smith's second half earned him the MVP award of Super Bowl XXVIII.

The Cowboys jumped out to a 6-3 lead in the first quarter of Super Bowl XXVIII, but something was a little bit off. Troy Aikman appeared to struggle with the effects of the concussion he suffered a week earlier, and he threw a costly interception in the second quarter. By halftime, Dallas trailed 13-6, giving Cowboy fans much more to worry about compared with the Super Bowl against the Bills a year earlier.

Then came the third quarter.

On the third play of the second half, the Bills had a 1st and 10 on their own 43. Thurman Thomas ran three yards before he was stripped by Leon Lett. James Washington recovered and returned the ball 46 yards for a touchdown that tied the game.

On the next drive, Buffalo had great field position thanks to a Dallas penalty that was enforced on the kickoff. However, Charles Haley and Jim Jeffcoat sacked Jim Kelly for a loss of 13 on third down, resulting in a punt.

What followed was the greatest drive in Emmitt Smith’s career and the greatest moment for any Dallas offensive line in team history. Dallas took the ball over at its own 36, and Jimmy Johnson decided to feed the ball to Smith. The result:

Dallas 36, 1–10      E. Smith 9 run right.
Dallas 45, 2–1     E. Smith 3 run right.
Dallas 48, 1–10     E. Smith 9 run right.
Buffalo 43, 2–1     E. Smith 7 run middle.
Buffalo 36, 1–10     E. Smith 14 run right.
Buffalo 22, 1–10     E. Smith 4 run right.
Buffalo 18, 2–6     Aikman 3 screen pass to Johnston left.
Buffalo 15, 3–3     E. Smith 15 run right, touchdown (8:42). Murray kicked extra point.

Every Buffalo drive from that point on ended in a punt until the very end of the game. Smith scored again on a one-yard touchdown to put the game away.

Smith earned the MVP by rushing 30 times for 132 yards. He equal as far as heroism, though, was Washington,who not only scored on the fumble recovery by also forced a fumble, intercepted a pass, and recorded 11 tackles.

Here’s the video:

Super Bowl XXVIII Box Score

Worth repeating … How ’bout them Cowboys!

Play-by-Play (USA Today)

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