Two Cowboys Make the First Installment of the NFL’s Top 100 Players of All Time

Two Cowboys appeared on the debut segment of The Top 100 Greatest Players.

NFL Films’ first installment of the The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players debuted tonight on NFL Network. Several Cowboys are bound to wind up on the list, and two have already appeared between #91 and #100. Here is the list:

100. Joe Namath
99. Michael Strahan
98. Lee Roy Selmon
97. Derrick Brooks
96. Mel Hein
95. Larry Allen
94. Lenny Moore
93. Sam Huff
92. Michael Irvin
91. Fran Tarkenton

Really tough to argue with this so far. If we start seeing the likes of Roger Wehrli or Floyd Little in the top 50, then something is wrong. But seeing Irvin appear two spots ahead of the great Lenny Moore and Allen appear ahead of the likes of Derrick Brooks and Lee Roy Selmon just makes me want to nod quietly in approval.

The next episode will debut on Tuesday.

  • Jason Neighbors

    I don’t know, I’m homer and all lol, but that is just too low for Larry Allen and Michael Irvin. I mean 92? Seriously? This guy was the heart and soul of 3 championship teams! I think it’s too low for Strahan, Brooks, and Tarkenton for that matter.

  • walter harvey

    michael irvin # 92 this is one of the greatest offensive weapons of all time.His record speaks for itself without him there would not be 3 championship trophies in the 90’s.10 yrs. at the level he played is unmatched.

  • Tim Truemper

    There are a lot of great players out there–just making the top 100 is quite an accomplishment. I wonder how they constructed the list though. I think Matt is correct in that we should see how the entire list plays out.

  • krl97a

    I think Irvin is fairly placed but the most physically dominant offensive lineman of all time seems a little low (so did Strahan btw, though I don’t think he’s quite on the level of a Reggie White).

    From the beginning I suspected that Dallas would be well represented on this list in overall numbers, but short changed in the rankings.

    Now that they’ve got guys like Ozzie Newsome (?!?!) ahead of Troy Aikman and Tony Dorsett, it’s not looking good.