Cowboy Teams Fare Well in ESPN’s Super League

Bob Lilly and the 1971 Cowboys beat Kurt Warner and the 1999 Rams in ESPN's Super League.

ESPN is running a fantasy league that features two Dallas teams. If there’s a blog that should cover this league, KYDC should be it. I think.

Here’s a description of the league:

Using simulations from Accuscore,’s Super League features 16 of the most dominant Super Bowl champions squaring off over a full season to determine the best team of the era. Accuscore simulated each matchup 10,000 times and produced one single box score that typifies the most common result. After a 15-week regular season, the top two teams will square off in the most super of Super Bowls.

The two Dallas teams in the league are the 1971 and 1992 teams. The 1971 team faced off against the 1999 Rams, while the 1992 team played the 1991 Washington Redskins. Here are the results:

1971 Dallas Cowboys 24, 1999 St. Louis Rams 20

Thanks largely to a Herb Adderley interception return for a touchdown, the Cowboys edged the Rams. The summary:

Everyone expected a high-scoring affair with the high-powered offenses of the 1971 Dallas Cowboys and 1999 St. Louis Rams moving up and down the field. Instead, both teams were held to fewer than 300 yards and the key play was a defensive touchdown, as Dallas won 24-20.

Roger Staubach only threw the ball 19 times, completing 11 passes for 111 yards. Duane Thomas added 67 yards on the ground.

1992 Dallas Cowboys 26, 1991 Washington Redskins 17

Michael Irvin came up huge against the Redskins, catching nine passes for 170 yards. Emmitt Smith only managed 42 yards on the ground, though, even with 20 carries.

Michael Irvin was ready for the challenge.

The Dallas Cowboys’ star receiver battled Darrell Green, the Washington Redskins’ Pro Bowl cornerback, and dominated in a superlative performance, catching nine passes for 170 yards and two touchdowns as the ’92 Cowboys opened their Super League season with a 26-17 victory over their longtime rivals.

Next week…

The ’71 Cowboys face the ’85 Bears, while the ’92 Cowboys face the ’72 Dolphins.

  • krl97a

    The 1977 Cowboys were #1 in offense and defense, a feat unheard of in the parity era and rare even in the great team era, and they weren’t included? I call bs.

  • I agree. The teams were fairly even defensively, but the ’71 team was hardly a match on offense compared with the ’77 team.

  • krl97a

    I don’t know, the 71 team had the most explosive, high scoring offense of any of the Dallas champions, but Staubach was more experienced in 77 and had a deeper recieving corp. Plus Tony Dorsett offered a home run threat from RB.

    They both had great offenses, but the real strength of those teams was the defenses. Closely matched as you say, though I might give a slight edge in pass rush to the 77 Cowboys.

    I think the 92 team had the best all around offense because of its versatility, despite the lack of flashy stats, and all three teams should have been included in that competition.