Trivia: Former Dallas Cowboys on Survivor

Jimmy: Don't tell your tribe you are the weakest member. Just don't.

Jimmy Johnson was the third Survivor contestant to have former ties with the Dallas Cowboys. In light of Jimmy being voted off in the third episode this week, here are five questions about these three contestants.

* * *

Ted Rogers, Jr. was a contestant on Survivor: Thailand, which aired during the fall of 2002. Rogers finished in fifth place. He was on the Cowboys roster for one preseason during the 1990s. Which season was it? While you're thinking about that, here is a highlight video from his season on Survivor:

Gary Hogeboom was a contestant on Survivor: Guatemala, which aired in the fall of 2005. In one of the early episodes, Hogeboom and another tribemate added a little bit of protein to their diet by eating what?

Hogeboom tried to hide that he was a former NFL quarterback. However, one of the contestants—eventual winner Danni Boatwright—recognized Hogeboom based on where he played his college football. For which college did he play? This video should help.

Until 2010, Hogeboom held the mark for most passing yards in the first three games of a regular season. How many yards did he have in the first three games of 1984?

When Jerry Jones announced that he was going to bring Jimmy Johnson in to coach the Cowboys, who did Jones paraphrase regarding Johnson's supposed genius-level IQ?

* * *

Here is a video from the episode in which Jimmy was unanimously booted.