When Was the Last Time the Cowboys…?

The New England Patriots‘ defense and special teams had quite a night on Monday. Patrick Chung blocked a punt and a field goal, and he also returned an interception for a touchdown. The Patriots also returned the second half kickoff 103 yards for a touchdown. New England even excelled in more minor areas, such as kickoffs, as five of Stephen Gostkowski’s seven kickoffs were downed for touchbacks.

All of this had me wondering a bit when the last time the Cowboys had done any of these things. Most of these were fairly recent, and I remember all of them, but I still had to look them up. Here are the answers:

Blocked a Field Goal (2009)

The last time the Cowboys blocked a field goal attempt was in the fourth quarter of the Cowboys’ 26-20 win over Kansas City in 2009. Jay Ratliff blocked a 53-yard attempt by Ryan Succop.

Returned a Blocked Field Goal for a Touchdown (2007)

The last time the Cowboys blocked a field goal and returned it for a score was against the Vikings in 2007, when Chris Canty blocked a Ryan Longwell field goal attempt and Pat Watkins returned the ball 68 yards for a touchdown.

Blocked a Punt (2008)

In the second quarter of the Cowboys’ 35-22 win over San Francisco in 2008, Carlos Polk blocked a punt out of the back of the end zone for a safety.

Returned an Interception for a Touchdown (2009)

Terence Newman iced the Cowboys’ 21-7 win over Carolina in 2009 by returning an interception 27 yards for a score. It was the only pick-6 for the Cowboys last year.

Returned a Kickoff for a Touchdown (2008)

This one was a little bit easier. In week 2 of the 2008 season against the Eagles, Felix Jones returned a first-quarter kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown.

Recorded a Touchback on a Kickoff (2009)

David Buehler led the league in touchbacks in 2009 with 29. He had 12 touchbacks during the 2010 preseason. However, in three games in 2010, he has yet to record a touchback.

His last touchback in any game that counted was against the Vikings in the NFC playoffs. The last time he recorded one in a regular season game during the final week of the 2009 season when four of his five kicks were downed for touchbacks.

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